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November 25, 2015

Wednesday Link List

First, because nothing speaks to the advent of our Lord’s coming better than Hello Kitty:

Hello Kitty Advent Calendar

Just one month today until the jolly fat man (not John Hagee) comes to visit.

Our closing graphic is dedicated to whoever does PowerPoint at your place of worship:

Bad Slide Spacing

November 18, 2015

Wednesday Link List

The Cup That Stole Christmas

Of course, there are probably things more important than coffee cups we should be concerned about…

…Time to kick off another edition of the news roundup where other news roundups get their news roundups, unless they get it from another news roundup or don’t borrow from another news roundup… 

…But first, we’re pleased to note another great match on Tinder:



Actual photo of one Christian bookstore's recommended shoebox items: Operation Christmas Child, saving the world one piece of cheap, useless, breakable crap at a time.

Actual photo of one Christian bookstore’s recommended shoebox items: Operation Christmas Child, saving the world one piece of cheap, useless, breakable junk at a time.

Time to close in prayer:

Kids Praying


November 11, 2015

Wednesday Link List

Rick Webster Rick is a poet, so the above is to be expected. But unexpected was the revelation at that Ben Carson actually owns this picture: Ben Carson at the Right Hand of Jesus And now on to the links…

On a serious note, today is Veteran’s Day in the US and Remembrance Day in Canada. The freedoms we enjoy in places like North America, western Europe, Australia, etc., are here because someone paid the price so you wouldn’t have to. I’m guessing there’s also a sermon illustration in there, don’t ya think?

November 4, 2015

Wednesday Link List

door knockers

Welcome to a new, slightly slimmed-down link list. The bottom line is that blog engagement is not what it once was, and Thinking Out Loud is no exception. Providing 35-40 links is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work; work for which we don’t get paid, as the blog is not monetized. So it’s actually the number of hours spent on this week’s link that were cut. If you send in suggestions then the quantity might go up slightly in those weeks. 

Top links last week were (1) Reformed/Anabaptist; (2) Worship industry killing worship; and (3) Gospel Centered ministry. 

The Wednesday List Lynx; one of many, actually that have been featured here.

The Wednesday List Lynx; one of many, actually that have been featured here.

Also, if you only show up here once a week, 6 days ago there was a Thursday Link List you missed.

For our closing graphic, Mad Magazine gets rather serious:

Debt Problem - Mad Magazine

October 29, 2015

Thursday Link List

substitutionary atonement

Only the 8th time we’ve ever done this. Why?

  • Because the book review I was going to post still wasn’t ready
  • Because I find I can now do this in my sleep
  • Because I’ve already done lots of Halloween and All Saints Day related pieces before

Here we go:

Speaking of evangelism, here’s a t-shirt that gets it all done quickly:

Y'all Need Jesus

P.S. I’m prepared to do daily link lists if someone wants to pay me the big bucks!

October 28, 2015

Wednesday Link List

Praying to Barbie? No, you can't buy them, but as this story at Religion News Service reports, you can see them at an Argentine art installation.

Praying to Barbie? No, you can’t buy them, but as this story at Religion News Service reports, you can see them at an Argentine art installation. “Barbie is depicted as Joan of Arc, Virgin of Guadalupe — Mexico’s patron saint — and Mary Magdalene, with a low-cut dress that shows her chest. Ken is shown as Buddha and Moses…” Click the image to read the full story.

Only in America: These evangelistic Halloween treats are,

Only in America: These evangelistic Halloween treats are, “a tri-color candy–yellow, orange, and white, the colors of God–in the shape of a pointed seed and sweetened with honey.” Click the image to read the full story at Religion News Service.

I didn’t get around to putting the top five clicks from last week on Twitter, so here they are: (1) 8 Reasons the Worship Industry is Killing Worship, (2) creative church error-404 pages, (3) Lynne Hybels; 40th Anniversary of Willow Creek, (5) John Hendrix church doodles; and (5) Larry Tomczak. (Let me know if you prefer them here, or on Twitter.)  Now on to this week’s…

Finally, it turns out while we weren’t paying attention last month, the comic strip Mutts by Patrick McDonnell ran a series of panels with quotes from Pope Francis. Here’s two of my favorites:

Pope Francis Mutts Sept 24 2015

Pope Francis Mutts Sept 22 2015

Back to the Winter: Don’t forget that here in North America, this is the weekend we all get to go back in time; from Daylight Saving to Nightdark Losing.

Daylight Saving.

12 More Links! Tomorrow we feature a Thursday Link List for only the 8th time ever. Don’t miss it.

October 21, 2015

Wednesday Link List

Bill and Lynne Hybels

So…any guesses who these people are? Or why they chose to share the photo with a bear whose last moments don’t look particularly happy? Answer below.

ELCA 404 Page


October 14, 2015

Wednesday Link List

I know some of you come here looking for the weird stuff, so let’s waste no time. This week, we only had to go to the website of Creflo Dollar:

Creflo Dollar Ministries Screenshot October 11 2015

You can read more about that at this link. (If you didn’t grow up in the church and feel you so far missed hearing about financial prosperity during the Good Friday and Easter services, you didn’t miss what isn’t there.) This later resulted in this cartoon.

Now on to the regular stuff:

KJV License Plate


If you find a link that is blocked by a pay-wall, let us know so we can remove it. Please try to have your link suggestions in by 6:00 PM EST via email or Twitter.

October 7, 2015

Wednesday Link List

Life on Mars


  1. For those of you really into links, note that the blog aggregator Alltop has been reformatted. You can read the intro or a summary (depending on the source) to each article now by simply waving your mouse over the links at their site. Check out Alltop Church and Alltop Christianity. (So grateful to be in such great company at this site!)
  2. If you missed it, this past Saturday there was a shorter Weekend Link List
  3. The #IamAChristian graphic below is sized-ready for your Facebook profile pic and ties in with the UCC shooting last week, a rather sobering thought as you post it.

I Am a ChristianNow, on to this week’s catch…

We end with a personal favorite from the new Christmas Worship Volume Two by Paul Baloche. In this song Rita Baloche combines beautiful lyrics with a classic tune:

September 30, 2015

Wednesday Link List

Bruxy Tattoo - Leviticus 19 28

Bruxy Cavey, pastor of Canada’s fastest growing church movement, The Meeting House family of churches, got a tattoo over the summer. Click the image to see the verse reference.

…And now, I hereby declare these links officially open. 

UPDATE: 8 AM, Wednesday: Of all the various things I could link to this morning concerning the execution earlier today of Kelly Gissendaner, the one I bring you is simply the brief Twitter thoughts of one of the three media people called to witness the lethal injection, Jeff Hullinger of WXIA-TV.

Got a link suggestion? Try to get it to us by 7:00 PM EST Tuesday.

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