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August 28, 2015

Link List Leftovers

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With no time to prepare anything else for today, here are some items that came too late to make it into Wednesday column. (Which is just as well, there were 40 items to click this week!)

August 26, 2015

Wednesday Link List

As we often are, today we’re indebted again to the multimedia team at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, aka Twenty-One-Hundred Productions for a list of recommended “life verses” depending on your Myers-Briggs personality type. Click the image to source.

Myers-Briggs Life Verses

Portions of today’s link list were pre-recorded for later broadcast.

ORU Prayer Tower

August 19, 2015

Wednesday Link List

Sorry, our run of 50,000 of these is all sold out!

Sorry, our run of 50,000 of these is all sold out!

Don’t forget to check Paul’s Twitter on Thursday or Friday to see which stories got the most clicks.


August 12, 2015

Wednesday Link List

A realistic look at Psalm 139 from Greg at the blog, Loose Him and Let Him Go:

The Real Psalm 139

Here are this week’s links:

Bacon Shirt from Red Letter 9 Apparel

August 5, 2015

Wednesday Link List

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The Salvation of Doctor Who

‘Twas the night before Link List and all through the house…WordPress wasn’t posting the URLs correctly and Paul was freaking out.

We’ll try to get our link problem fixed for next week; in the meantime, if you feel short-changed this week, this guy has 44 more links.

Bless This Post


July 29, 2015

Wednesday Link List

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Consumerist Church

Not sure which is better, giving you more links or concentrating on a smaller list of about twenty or so…

Don’t forget the summary of things most clicked appears late Thursday or Friday on my Twitter. Not sure I’ve ever mentioned that before; sorry!

Both our opening and closing images today were sent by reader and fellow-blogger Clark Bunch whose own image collection appears each week at his blog The Master’s Table at a feature called Happy Monday. Kinda feel sorry for the woman in the picture below; ya gotta pick your subway/bus seat carefully.

She's Thinking Out Loud

July 22, 2015

Wednesday Link List

Church Twitter Banner

Okay. I left the name of the church off to save them embarrassment years from now when they’ve had time to second guess their tag line, but this memorial to it is still here. I get the picture. We know church isn’t perfect. We know you want to be a “church for people who aren’t into church;” but religion ain’t all bad. Read James 1:27 sometime.


Let the games begin:

So You Took Our Job

July 15, 2015

Wednesday Link List

Normally we lead off with a funny picture or cartoon, but after yesterday’s reports on the Iran nuclear negotiations, I want to give the space to the Saeed Abedini story instead. Some of you know I give this story prominent display space from time to time, but truth be told, I’m one of a very small handful of bloggers devoting attention to this story.

Saeed July 14 2015 update from ACLJ

And now, back to our regular programming.

In all the excitement over Pope Francis visiting South America, you might have missed the related video game:

An online game in which Pope Francis careers through the streets of Asuncion in his “popemobile” dodging potholes is delighting Paraguayans fed up with the capital city’s dilapidated streets.

In “Papa Road,” which is popular locally, players navigate the Argentine-born pontiff through the city center against a backdrop of the national Congress and cathedrals. Hit three craters and it is game over, with the pope holding his head in his hands.

From the Church Curmudgeon Twitter feed:

Worship Leader: There will be a potluck at 5 pm
Congregation. The announcements endure forever
Worship Leader: Deacons meeting on Wednesday
Congregation: The announcements endure forever…

Not sure how long this week’s link list will be right now because the wind is really whipping out there and there’s a possibility of power outa/]

July 8, 2015

Wednesday Link List

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Ex Wife

Again this week, something for everyone.

For those of you who are musicians, Brian Barone took the time to fully transcribe President Obama’s rendition of Amazing Grace last month with all its unique melodic twists and turns.

President Obama - Amazing Grace - transcribed by Brian Barone


July 1, 2015

Wednesday Link List

Pastor Priest Rabbi

Before we begin, as a public service, here is your horoscope for today:

Your Horoscope

Of the things I clicked this week, here’s what I bookmarked to share this Wednesday:

Coke Name Bottles

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