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February 3, 2016

Wednesday Link List

Dinosaur Baptist Church - from Ship of Fools

This week a slightly different algorithm was used to find the stories you see below. Let me know what you think…


Pastor Job Title

Looking for more links? Tim Archer posts Links-To-Go every 2-3 days at his blog The Kitchen of Half-Baked Thoughts.

January 27, 2016

Wednesday Link List

In cooperation with Christian Humor, our gift to all of you still recovering from Jonas:

Shovel Shoes

So what’s news? As I go a-huntin- and a-gatherin’ each week, it occurs to me that entirely different things are important to different interest groups within the broad category we call Christianity. There are items here that I would never consider clicking, but experience (and stats) teach me that these are things that Christian people want to be made aware of.  Let the games begin:

No, it's not just the whole "Two Corinthians" thing; it's a lack of understanding of all things Christian. CNN noted that Falwell, Jr. is not ordained; not a "Rev."

No, it’s not just the whole “Two Corinthians” thing; it’s a lack of understanding of all things Christian. CNN noted that Falwell, Jr. is not ordained; not a “Rev.”

Tedious (Yawn!) Job of the Week: Staff at Moody Press proofreading all 1,000+ pages of the index to the John MacArthur New Testament Commentary. “Can we get another round of coffee in the board room?”

Proof reading commentary index


January 20, 2016

Wednesday Link List

C'mon, you know the song: "There was a congregation / that met in a shoe..." Yes it's a church, opening in Taiwan. Details at NPR.

C’mon, you know the nursery rhyme: “There was a congregation / that met in a shoe…” Yes it’s a church, opening in Taiwan. Details at NPR.

Jesus and GermsIn case you missed it, we had what I consider our very finest Weekend Link List on Saturday. Be sure to check out some vital news stories and commentaries there, and I’ll try to keep this list here a little shorter.

Remember, there are some excellent links on Saturday’s Weekend Link List.

…The closing of Leadership Journal means, among other losses, we’re going to miss our diet of cartoon humor…

img 012016


January 16, 2016

Weekend Link List

Wheaton Record Jan 15 2016 cover

Anglican Primates


January 13, 2016

Wednesday Link List

Bible Loving Cat

While the NIV dominates some demographic sectors, the God’s Word translation is clearly tops among middle-aged male felines*…  

→→ Before we begin the links today, I need to share something with regular readers. In the not-too-distant past, for a period of 22 months, this weekly link list appeared at PARSE, the blog of Leadership Journal, a division of Christianity Today. For a brief period of time, the people at CT were family, and there are several with whom I still keep in touch.

Yesterday, we were somewhat shocked to learn of the closing of Leadership Journal, which has served the North American church since 1980.   You can learn more about the closure at this announcement. Some of the issues and analysis previously raised at Leadership Journal will be incorporated in a new section of CT called The Local Church. You can learn more about that at this link

Now we return you back to our regular programming…

nothing to say

*Simply doing what the internet does best: posting pictures of cats.

January 6, 2016

Wednesday Link List


Fifty Shades at the Christian Bookstore

Welcome to the link list for January 6th… I think I’m having an Epiphany.

Purgatory Rapture

December 23, 2015

Wednesday Link List

Cat in Christmas TreeIn his defence, blogger Lorne Anderson writes, “I would argue that when I set the tree in its base I made sure it was standing straight. I am not responsible if the weight of the ornaments is causing the tree to tilt. The cat was not in the boxes I brought up from the basement.” 

In other family pet Christmas tree news, this is not a decoration, the snake belongs to my sister-in-law. Rather similar to the opening picture, don’t you think? I just realized both families live in the same city. Something in the water?

Not a Decoration

December 16, 2015

Wednesday Link List

After the Wise Men Left

You know, a person could just change “Make the Yuletide gay” to “Make the Yuletide great” and reduce everybody’s tension.

The return of the Christmas List Lynx

The return of the Christmas List Lynx

And now, I hereby declare these links officially open.


December 9, 2015

Wednesday Link List

Twist Cap Advent Calendar

Twist Cap Advent Calendar

If you find a previous link installment where everything goes to Christianity Today, which is now pay-walled; let us know the date and we’ll update that particular list with all the right links.

Zach Hunt is looking for an ugly sweater party so he can wear this one. I think ugly is just one of many adjectives:

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Finally, this adventure:

Christmas Samaritan


December 2, 2015

Wednesday Link List

You could call this a Virgin birth…

Virgin Birth at Sydney Airport

…The picture was taken by author Michael Frost at the Sydney Airport.

Perhaps not all animals boarded Noah’s Ark:

Noah Woodpecker

Now, on to this week’s link. See my Twitter for last week’s top five clicks.

We’ll have to leave with that one, because according to the message below, my computer needs some attention.

Unused Icons


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