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June 28, 2016

Review: Hearing God in Conversation

God has many means at his disposal to get our attention

Hearing God in ConversationOver a year ago I was privileged to read a manuscript edition and asked to do an endorsement for a book which is now releasing from Kregel Publishing. Hearing God in Conversation: How to Recognize His Voice Everywhere is the second book by Sam Williamson, following Is Sunday School Destroying Our Kids which we reviewed here.

I would expect that a year is forever when you’re an author awaiting national release, so I was surprised this week with the good news that the book is now ready. Here’s the summary I wrote:

In Hearing God In Conversation: How to Walk with God, Samuel Williamson affirms the church’s long-held position that God’s primary means of speaking to us is through scripture; while at the same time, through a blend of Bible teaching, contemporary and classic Christian authors, and personal experience, shows us that God is in no way limited in terms of what he can use to prompt us, nudge us and lead us. Written in a casual, sometimes lighthearted style, Hearing God in Conversation propels us to a place of expectancy with respect to God’s voice; to look for God’s personal message to us in a variety of circumstances; and to be aware that God has a vast catalog of means he uses to guide his children.

Sometimes you forget about books you reviewed, but just seeing my own abstract of it, so much came flooding back. I really enjoyed it and benefited personally from reading it at the time.

Here’s the official publisher marketing for the book:

Christians are comfortable saying that Christianity is about a relationship with God. Yet many might also say that they sense little meaningful relationship with God in their own lives. After all, the foundation of good relationship is communication–but conversation with God often seems to go only one way. We may sing of walking and talking with God in the garden, His voice falling on our ears, but few have heard that beloved voice themselves.

Sam Williamson acknowledges the fundamental human longing to hear God’s voice and offers a hopeful supposition: God is always speaking–we’ve just never been taught how to recognize His voice. Williamson handles this potentially heady topic with his characteristic straightforwardness and leavening humor. This book deftly bridges the gap between solid biblical theology and practical application, addressing topics such as how to truly pray without ceasing, how to brainstorm with God, how to navigate our emotions, how to answer God’s questions, and how to hear God’s voice for others.

Hearing God in Conversation offers simple, step-by-step lessons on how to hear God. Williamson begins with Scripture meditation. He then expands the practice of listening for that voice everywhere–in the checkout line, on the job, in a movie theater, and even in silence. From there, he demonstrates how to hear God’s guidance when making any decision. By the end, readers’ eyes and ears will be opened to the limitless methods through which God speaks.

The 224-page resource is distributed in the U.S. by Kregel and independent distributors such as Anchor, and in Canada by David C. Cook; and is available to wherever you buy quality Christian products. In the spirit of the book, maybe God’s using this blog post to suggest you get a copy!!

I also encourage you to check out the author’s website


  1. I have found that when I began to seriously look into God’s Word every single day, it seeped into me and the made way for the voice of God to become evident in my ordinary days. I have tried to explain it this way….God speaks to me in devotional language. A person on the side of the road will bring a scripture immediately to mind. A bird at my feeder will blaze a passage into my heart… and then more than that, God will speak further using the foundation of the Word. For me, it was more natural to hear God in nature and in my environment and through others, once I listened regularly to His voice in the Bible.

    Comment by yokedwithhim — June 28, 2016 @ 10:48 pm

    • Hi “YokedWithHim”, I love how you describe hearing God: a scripture brought to mind triggered by people or even a bird.

      And your comment “it was more natural to hear God in nature and in my environment and through others, once I listened regularly to His voice in the Bible” is the thesis of my book. There are many voices in our heads (teachers from our youth, a bellowing boss, and even condemnations from Satan. How do we learn to recognize HIS voice? In Scripture.

      But as we learn to recognize his voice there, we begin to hear his voice in everyday life: a walk on the beach, coffee with friends, and on a billboard by the road.


      Comment by Beliefs of the Heart — July 4, 2016 @ 11:00 am

  2. Paul,

    Thank you so much for your gracious review of my book. You really are kind. I know of so many “ministries” that are so overwhelmed by their own work that they have little time to help others.

    You, however, graciously found time not only to read my book but also to write a review and to encourage me.

    I appreciate your grace,


    Comment by Beliefs of the Heart — July 4, 2016 @ 11:01 am

  3. […] author of two books I’ve reviewed at my other blog, Is Sunday School Destroying our Kids? and Hearing God in Conversation. His website is Beliefs of the Heart. This is a book excerpt from the latter. Click the title below […]

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