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February 6, 2014

I Was Born a Ramblin’ Man

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I had a great re-post scheduled here from a blog that will remain nameless. Nameless because I deleted the bookmark accidentally. So instead I will ramble.

If Shakespeare Lived on my Street

The Bard would no doubt write this if he lived in my town yesterday

Shovel, shovel, toil and trouble

The Debate

The religious Superbowl of sorts took place Tuesday night, though I have to confess I watched a replay Wednesday when there were fewer distractions. I think far too much energy is spent on the whole subject of origins. We don’t know, and furthermore we don’t know what we don’t know. I prefer to spend my energy on incarnation and atonement, or to put it in one word, Jesus.

Still people went nuts over this. If you go to blog aggregator Alltop – Christian or its sister Alltop – Church, you should still find lots to read, even today, by doing a page search for “Bill Nye” or “Ken Ham” or “Creation.”  I liked Phil Vischer’s comments, too; and also what Scott Hoezee said at Think Christian about how pastors are now left to mop up the mess. In balance, you should read comments on this outside the Christian blogosphere and Christian Twitterverse, such as this one.

The Christian Equivalent to “I’m Feeling Lucky”

So this is about ramblin, not random, but I did something deliberately random on Monday night.  First, I went to the website of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches in England. Then I selected a church at random; I chose Aigburth Community Church because I wasn’t sure how to pronounce it and because it was in Liverpool, a town I seem to remember is associated with a musical group of some renown. And then I listened to a sermon on the book of James. A good sermon.

It was nice to hear preaching from somewhere far away; to be reminded that the capital “C” Church is bigger than anything in the United States or Canada; to be made aware of my brothers and sisters across the Atlantic. It was just the message, but they announced a closing hymn, so I hurried over to YouTube and caught I Once Was Lost (All I Have is Christ) which was new to me. I think the song may actually be of U.S. origin.

Donald Miller’s Church Attendance Record

The Blue Like Jazz guy is admitting his church attendance is somewhat spotty. Just doesn’t do it for him.  Justification: “Research suggest there are three learning styles, auditory (hearing) visual (seeing) and kinesthetic (doing) and I’m a kinesthetic learner. Of course churches have all kinds of ways for you to engage God including many kinesthetic opportunities including mission trips and so forth, but if you want to attend a “service” every Sunday, you best be an auditory learner. There’s not much out there for kinesthetic or visual learners.” You can read his whole confession here.  (And no, not the Blue Like Jazz type of confessional.)

The very next day, Thom Shultz posted on The Church’s Male Exodus. David Murrow writes much on this theme in his blog Church for Men, such as this article.

Subway Removing Plastic from Bread

Okay, this one’s a little off-topic, but I’m glad to hear that the chemical that is used to make yoga mats is no longer going to be included in the bread used in Subway sandwiches. ABC News reported, “The World Health Organization has linked this chemical additive to respiratory issues, allergies and asthma, and it is banned in Europe and Australia. Azodiacarbonamide is legal in the United States and Canada.”

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