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June 26, 2012

Spirit of Rob Bell Alive at Mars Hill Grand Rapids

Another long car trip, another rush of sermon downloads to convert to disc.

Steve Argue
Mars Hill Bible Church

But this time we decided to drop by Mars Hill Bible Church (Grand Rapids) to see who has been preaching there when Shane Hipps is away.  I decided to take a chance on a sermon by Steve Argue, not entirely knowing who he was.  They’re doing a series on Acts, and it fell to him cover chapter 14, verse 19-28.

To share the experience, you want to go to their sermon page, and then select the message for April 29th, “A Church That Believes in ‘We’ and ‘Opts In.'”  (That’s the part where you click and start listening!)

There was something very familiar about the cadence.

To say the least.

And we knew that for sure…

…But he also had great content.  That helps somewhat, I think.

As my wife said so well, “He’s covered in the dust of his rabbi.”

So who is this guy?  Presently, he’s part of the youth ministry; a fact I found out only because he was interviewed earlier this year on Mike King’s blog.  I think youth ministry is vital to any healthy church, and in the interview Steve shows he has done a lot of study on the subject of spiritual formation. Deep study:

…We’re beginning to own what we believe; in some Christian circles it would be making our faith our own; and that’s done through the intersection of three things: the cognitive — is what I know; the intrapersonal — what I believe; and the interpersonal — which is how that’s expressed toward the other.

Mike also clarifies however that while he may pontificate on student ministry, his actual title is “Life Development Director at Mars Hill, serving as a member of the Leadership Team; giving oversight to kids, adolescent, emerging adults, and adults teams, and directing Mars Hill’s Internship and Residency Program.” That’s quite a leadership load for Steve to carry.

But after listening to the sermon, I wonder if he will be doing something else any time soon?  There’s a great potential there. Blessings, Steve.


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