Thinking Out Loud

April 29, 2010

A Terrible, Horrible Worship Song

Bet that got your attention!

As a worship leader, I can remember arriving at a team practice with a new song about which I was personally excited.   “This is a great new song;” I might begin, perhaps adding, “A lot of churches have been adding this in the last few weeks.”

But really, while it’s good to have great songs, I should be wanting to arrive saying, “This is a great sentiment. It expresses something from our hearts back to God that I think will be unique among the songs we’re currently using.”

In fact, taken to the extreme, I could say, “Tonight we’re going to learn a new song.   It’s not particularly strong in its meter or poetic form, the chord structure is a bit awkward in a few places, and it just may be the worst new song we’ll do this year.   But I want to do it anyway, just as it was written, because of the special way it expresses the heart of the writer towards God.”

Again, it’s to say, “This isn’t a great song, but it’s a great sentiment.”   And then, while making improvements as they might suggest themselves, to otherwise leave the song with the vulnerabilities or ‘warts’ it had when the writer went public with it.

…God’s not impressed with our technical proficiency as He is with us truly wanting to be in His presence, truly wanting to give back to Him much more of the love that we owe.


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