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November 8, 2010

And Then There’s This Website…

I found this after the woman in question took a HALF PAGE advertisement in the Toronto, Canada edition of Metro, the commuter newspaper.   Half pages don’t come cheap.

It ran on October 18th, 20 days ago.  It linked to this:

Nothing like a website that cuts to the chase, right?

I decided to look up the individual video clips which comprise the website at their source on YouTube.   Less than 100 views each.  Not a single comment.  (Well, maybe one.)

I figured you guys might want to help her out with her stats.

But seriously…Why do people do this?   Who is the intended audience?  What is the intended result?  How clear is the message?   What do I do (as Andy Stanley would say) to ‘discern the next steps?’

Better yet, here’s a good question for today:  Have you ever personally known anyone who was part of something religious that was, for lack of a better (kinder) term, “incredibly fringe?”  Did you ever challenge their beliefs or spiritual modus operandi?

Learn more about The Peace Lady here in this December, 2009 report.   If you live in Toronto and you’ve seen the woman on the bridges in the white robe “blessing” the traffic; yep…it’s the same person.

June 28, 2009

Moments That Leave You Longing For Heaven

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clay roadIf you’re a regular reader of this blog, and also a regular reader of the comments, you already know Cynthia aka TwoFinches aka Girl in a Glass House.

Yesterday on her blog, she shared a story for the first time about a vision she experienced one night while a student in her Bible college dorm.

You can read “Standing at Heaven’s Door” here; and I hope you will.    Here’s a paragraph that struck me as a musician, but don’t forget to read the whole piece.

The music is what I remember. Even though thousands of people were playing different songs on different instruments and even though everyone was singing their own words of praise, it all blended into one harmonious melody that took my breath away. I sang too, making up the words to express how I longed to see Christ, and my song became part of that magnificent seamless chorus. But then something happened that hushed us all.

The enormous gates that were before us opened just a little. I strained to see what was in there, pressed on every side by others who were waiting just like me. I saw a multitude of people inside and felt a wave that felt like absolute joy come blowing from the opening. And then it was as if all the longing within me, the heart and the soul of me, went right through those gates into heaven and I was desperate to follow…

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