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October 4, 2009

Benny Hinn Denied Entry into the UK

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Not sure why the blogosphere hasn’t picked up on this October 2nd story from the TimesOnline, but apparently — despite arriving by private jet — evangelist Benny Hinn could not pass the new “Tier Five” qualification for admittance into the UK.   Hinn’s jet then flew to another airport where he was again denied entry.

Hinn was booked October 1 – 3 at a venue in London’s Docklands district and many had traveled to London booking expensive hotels for the opportunity to hear him speak.   The free-admission meetings went ahead with another pastor taking his place.

Read the TimesOnline story here.

It was also covered October 3rd in the Telegraph of London.

That story was picked up in the Dallas Morning News, with a summary that began:

Benny Hinn was denied entry into the United Kingdom for a three-day rally this weekend in London under rules intended to combat extremism, according to news reports and a statement he released late Saturday
…Thousands of evangelical Christians had planned to hear Hinn. In a letter distributed to attendants, Hinn said immigration officials turned him away during two attempts to enter the country. Under new rules, religious workers must obtain a certificate of sponsorship from a church before arriving in Britain. In his letter, Hinn apologized and told supporters he believed he had done everything he needed to do in order to enter the country.

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