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June 18, 2010

“I Don’t Love Jesus… Guys Don’t Love Other Guys”

If you know anything about me, by now you recognize the high premium
I place on honesty and transparency.But I’m still processing the words
of a Christian radio talk show host recently, particularly his
suggestion: “I don’t really ‘love’ Jesus; guys don’t love other guys.”

I guess I was somewhat concerned when I heard this, but also somewhat
empathetic.  I resonated with what he was saying; even after all
Christ has done for us, it’s not the same as the love I have for my
wife and kids.

Then later, I saw an older book title, Why It’s Hard to Love Jesus by
Erwin Lutzer and it reminded me of the comment again.  The book description
begins,”Renew the passion for Christ you experienced as a new believer!”

I try to look at my own life in these terms:  Am I moving ‘toward the
cross’ or moving ‘away from the cross.’  I believe that (hopefully most
days) I am moving toward the cross.

I couldn’t honestly characterize it as “an all-consuming love” that the
classic Christian writers talked about.  But my gratitude toward God
and my awe and wonder at His ways grows daily.

Most of us, if we’re honest, are much more consumed by our passions,
our possessions and our position.

R. G. LeTourneau once said (as part of a larger quotation) “…If you
don’t love the Lord you don’t know the Lord…”  Maybe we don’t really
know him.   The disciples were right there and they totally missed that
Jesus was God.

Maybe even our knowledge of Jesus is at best, shallow or superficial.
Maybe that’s a topic for a future radio show.

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January 23, 2010

Francis Chan: If Jesus Had a Church Here, Mine Would Be Bigger

Last summer I came to a shocking realization that I had to share with my wife: If Jesus had a church in Simi Valley, mine would be bigger. People would leave His church to attend mine because I call for an easier commitment. I know better how to cater to people’s desires so they stick around. Jesus was never really good at that. He was the one who said, “He who loves father or mother … son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.” (Matt. 10:37 NIV) I’m much more popular than Jesus.

Wow!   This isn’t Francis Chan on some Beatlesque “more popular than Jesus” trip.  It’s an honest look at how we choose a church.   If the people are too fanatical, we dismiss it as cultic and move on.

I remember the first time I attended a church where — right in the middle of each service — they would ask for prayer requests and then break into groups of three or four to pray together for anything from five to ten minutes.   The first time, this was difficult for me.   But I knew I had found a church that would challenge me to the core of my being.

I stayed there two years, and only left because it was too extreme for a girl that I wanted to date.  (Yes, I know; we could debate the wisdom of this…)  Some of the people whom I invited to join me for a service there couldn’t handle more than a single week visit.

We want to commit, at least minimally.  We just don’t always want to be totally sold out.  We don’t want to get in too deep.  We don’t want to be one of those people.

To leaders, Francis Chan goes on to say:

Rarely is there a pastor whose character exceeds his reputation. If I were to ask those closest to you about your relationship with God, what would they say? If I were to ask God the same question, what would He say? If your family, friends, and congregation have better things to say about you than God, it’s because you give them that impression. We do this because we can. God gifted us with an ability to communicate. Too often we use this ability not to convey who we are, but who we want others to think we are.  (italics added)

You can read the whole article, “Public Passion vs. Private Devotion” in context on Catalyst.   (HT: Zach)

Francis Chan is the pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California and the author of Crazy Love and Forgotten God. DVD curriculum is available for both titles.   His third book Fear God releases in July.

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