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February 7, 2009

The Robert Schuller Saga: Another Voice Speaks

crystal-cathedral-interior-2Christian News Wire is quoting a new source who claims that —

The primary rift between the father and the son in the Crystal Cathedral Garden Grove, CA, pulpit was about changes the son, Robert Anthony Schuller, wanted to make in terms of transparency and accountability, but were resisted by his father Robert H. Schuller, key board members and ministry heads of the church, says a source knowledgeable about the church’s inner circle.

According to this report, the younger R.S. met with nothing but resistance when trying to implement changes —

In this case the source claims that “Robert A.’s goals were very simple–install an impartial board not paid by proceeds from the ministry, rework the Hour of Power to attract a younger audience, try different methods of worship to develop a more meaningful spiritual encounter, and to have public financial transparency. This process would install a level of accountability. As of now the leadership is accountable to no one. The leadership behind the scenes limited Robert A’s goal advancement and ridiculed him for lack of leadership,” the source says.

The Cathedral is not, for example, a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, a watchdog group giving transparency to faith-based ministries and organizations.

That last point was most interesting to this writer; one would have expected a ministry with its stature to be part of ECFA, but as investigations into some of the more charismatic televangelists by major U.S. network news departments have revealed, not all are.

It should also be noted that this is a ‘one-person’ news report, with material not subject to third-party verification; however its plausibility leads me to report it in this blog. You can read the entire article by linking here.


Photo:  When my wife and I visited in 1989, all those empty seats were filled.  Check tomorrow’s TV broadcast, and despite the director’s best shot blocking, you’ll see clearly that this is not presently the case.

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January 24, 2009

Cuts Continue at Crystal Cathedral

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This story appeared Friday (23rd) in the Orange County Register:

Crystal Cathedral has round of layoffs

Among those let go are executive pastor, his wife and pastor who headed cathedral’s Hispanic ministry.

The Orange County Register

GARDEN GROVE – Crystal Cathedral’s executive pastor, who was brought on board by the church’s former senior pastor Robert A. Schuller, was let go this week because of financial issues, church administrators said.

Jim Poit and his wife, Linda, who was director of children’s ministries at the cathedral, were both laid off. Deb Yurk, who had been brought on board by Poit as pastor of congregational life, was also released from her job, according to a news release by the Church Executive magazine based in Arizona.

Rick Mysse, a denominational executive for the Reform Church of America, which oversees Crystal Cathedral, said it was a “normal round of layoffs.”

“The church had to get rid of some payroll,” he said. “These are really a group of great, talented people. But our numbers are down and we’re trying to make it under tough economic conditions like everyone else.”

Mysse declined to name those who were laid off, but said among those let go was also the pastor who headed the Cathedral’s Hispanic ministry.

“We have every intention of keeping the Hispanic ministry going,” he said. “We have people trained to grow that ministry.”

The recent round of layoffs follow the removal of the Rev. Robert A. Schuller, the son of Crystal Cathedral founder the Dr. Rev. Robert H. Schuller, from the weekly “Hour of Power” program, which was broadcast to millions across the world.

…Continue reading the Orange County Register article here.

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One article I read recently referred uncharitably to the church as now being “the world’s largest greenhouse.”     Google searches and tag referrals to this blog make the Crystal Cathedral the second most popular topic we’ve covered in the past year.

January 5, 2009

Crystal Cathedral Selling Significant Asset to Raise Capital

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This article, from Sunday (Jan 4th) appears in the Orange County (CA) Business Journal.   Here are excerpts.

Crystal Cathedral Looking To Sell Garden Grove Office
Orange County Business Journal Staff

A five-story Garden Grove office building on the campus of the Crystal Cathedral has been put up for sale by the megachurch.

Crystal Cathedral Ministries, headed by TV minister Robert Schuller, has put a 136,968-square-foot office building it owns on the market, according to brokers with the Anaheim office of CB Richard Ellis Group Inc.

The building…is next to the Crystal Cathedral, an Orange County (OC) landmark. The office shares parking with the cathedral, which was completed in 1980.

The price tag for the building, built in 1989, is $34 million, or about $248 per square foot.

The iconic Crystal Cathedral church building isn’t part of the sale.

The ministry says it wants to lease back the entire property for three years after the sale is completed, at a monthly rate of $1.59 per square foot, or about $2.6 million a year.

Alternatively, the buyer could opt to terminate the lease with six months notice, according to marketing literature for the office.

The property is a few blocks from UCI Medical Center in Orange so brokers are advertising the building as a possible site for medical tenants, if the office is converted for that use after the ministry leaves. More than $4 million of upgrades would be needed to make the office compatible for medical tenants.

The site, on a roughly 5-acre plot of land, is zoned for office, medical and educational uses…

Crystal Cathedral Ministries, which is home to some 10,000 members and Schuller’s “Hour of Power” TV show, has used sales of OC real estate it owns to meet its financial goals in the past few years.

In 2005, it sold a 4-acre plot of land in Anaheim where it owned a warehouse to La Jolla-based Windstar Communities LLC, getting $12.2 million for the property…

Also in 2005, the ministry put up for sale nearly 60 acres off San Juan Capistrano land it owned, located next to the San Joaquin Hills (73) Toll Road near the intersection of the San Diego (I-5) Freeway.

October 27, 2008

More on the Crystal Cathedral / Robert Schuller Story

Scroll down two posts for the original story if you missed it.

From –

Make no mistake about it! The difference between Robert H Schuller and his son, Robert A Schuller, was that the younger Schuller was preaching out of the Bible for his messages. Biblical revival was beginning to sweep over the Crystal Cathedral. No more! Young Schuller will not be preaching on the Hour of Power yet will still retain his status as Senior Pastor. That doesn’t make any sense! A Senior Pastor that can’t preach?

It would also seem the Robert H Schuller is now intent to have guest ministers fill the pulpit at the Crystal Cathedral even though he will also be doing some preaching there and the reason is simple- No more Bible based messages but instead more psychological laced possibility thinking for that is the reason of conflict between he and his son. “PREACH THE WORD” 2 Timothy 4:2.

“For the time will come when they will NOT endure sound doctrine” 2 Timothy 4:3. This is Robert H Schuller to a T. If Schuller doesn’t like Bible based sound doctrine he will move back into the pulpit his possibility thinking garbage. “BUT ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN DESIRES”. You see Schuller’s ears have been itching ever since his son Robert began preaching out of the Bible. While he doesn’t feel that the Schuller name should be featured at the Cathedral his name will be there unlike his son’s.   […continue article here]


I went to the Reformed Church of America website to learn what their doctrinal beliefs are and here is what I found: “Above all, our faith is centered in Christ. Every need of ours finds its answer in Jesus Christ. The final authority in the Reformed faith is Holy Scripture, the living Word of God, spoken to everyone through the Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit takes the Word of God and makes it real and actual in our lives. This has always been and will always be the authentic wellspring of Reformed faith”.

Yet it is that very word of God, as contained in the Bible, which cost Robert A Schuller his tenure on the Hour of Power as the elder Schuller thought he was using too much Bible on the program. “Faith comes by hearing and HEARING BY THE WORD OF GOD” Romans 10:17. In view of the Reformed Church of America’s statement as reinforced by the word of God, I would be curious as to how they view what has been done at the Crystal Cathedral?  […continue article here]

another post at

Last April, under the then leadership of Robert A Schuller, 500 people surged forward at an impromptu altar call and gave their life to the Lord. Christianity Today has the full account here.

I would ask, in lieu of that article, has Robert H Schuller grieved the Holy Spirit by the removal of his son as pastor? It would seem that a revival of sorts had been brought to the Crystal Cathedral but is what revival what Dr. Robert H Schuller really desires at that church? “Do NOT quench the Spirit”- 1 Thessalonians 4:19. Can you imagine being disciplined for preaching the word of God? Prayer must be forthcoming for Robert A Schuller. And for Dr. Robert H Schuller perhaps he should consider Ephesians 4:30 most carefully in lieu of his actions. “DO NOT GRIEVE THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD”. [post shown complete]

>>>OCTOBER 31 UPDATE:  Check out this one, too; by Albert Mohler, “So Much for Possibility Thinking.”

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