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October 1, 2014

Wednesday Link List

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A fresh crop of October links! Mind you, they’re all dated September. But they’re new to you.

Yes! The links are still also at Parse, the blog of Leadership Journal, a division of Christianity Today. Click here to read there!

For our closing graphic we return to TwentyOneHundred Productions’ Facebook page, the gift that keeps on giving. 2100 is the media division of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  (We poached another one from them for tomorrow…I feel like I should make a donation to my local IVCF chapter…) Click the image to link, or follow them at this page.

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December 27, 2008

Church Has “Reverse Offering,” Hands out Money Instead of Collecting

“At a recent Sunday service, [the pastor] did a “reverse offering,” passing out bags each with $5, $10, $20 or $50 bills. Congregants were instructed to choose how the money could be used in their community. [Pastor] Semradek reminded congregants that there would come a day when they would stand in judgment before God.”

Imagine a church so committed to mission that it gives away all — 100% — of everything it collects.

“The nondenominational suburban Chicago church operates on a shoestring budget and under an unusual financial setup so it can stick to a mission: Give 100% of offerings gathered from the collection plate to those in need.”

A church whose website asks people to Help Us Give our Money Away.

jim-semradek“This week we began a new initiative placing the power of distribution of our offerings into the hands of our people.  We have developed a nomination process to enable those living in the community to help us leverage our resources to worthy local causes.  They might be a neighbor you know, a friend, or a co-worker.  But we want your help to find out how we can best support the community. “

Read the story of Waterfront Community Church of Schaumburg, Illinois just posted on the religion page of USAToday or an older story from the November 18 issue of the Chicago Tribune.


First two quotations from the USAToday story, last quote is from the church website.

Photo: Pastor Jim Semradek – a really hard guy to find a photograph for!

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