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March 25, 2017

Are You Going to Church Tomorrow?

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Back in the day, not going to church wasn’t an option. Unless you were ill, you went. End of discussion.

These days shift work and sports often keep adults and kids respectively away from weekend services. But surely such a lax attitude doesn’t exist in more conservative denominations, right?

Actually, I’ve been doing some research into a particular aspect of Amish life, which has meant reading a number of articles which deal with related topics. On one of the articles at Exploring Amish Country, I was a little surprised to read this:

In the Amish culture, the word “church” doesn’t refer to a building, but to the people in the congregation. Since in most sects there is no church building, services are held in individual homes on a rotating basis. This limits the size of the church district to the number of members that can fit in a home, usually thirty to forty households.

Your church services are held every other Sunday. The “off” Sundays are spent visiting or taking it easy. You look forward to these social times along with the occasional wedding, barn raising or other frolics.    (emphasis added)

So we have a trade-off here: A three hour service, but only bi-weekly. Would you choose that option?

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