Thinking Out Loud

February 20, 2009

Religious Radio and Television Broadcasters Stretched to the Limit

radio-tower“…The challenge is attracting younger audiences who will give as consistently as their parents and grandparents. Cracking that puzzle will require experimentation, but few feel they can take significant risks in today’s climate marked by razor-thin margins”

On the one hand you have seniors who are the faithful financial supporters of religious broadcasting.  On the other hand, your mission requires you to constantly re-orient your thinking towards the next generation; what preachers sometimes call ‘preaching and programming your service to the people who you want to be there; who aren’t there yet.’

Enter a major economic recession.   Ouch!

Without exception, every broadcaster — Moody, TBN, Focus on the Family, Salem Communications — is financially stretched right now.  Read the whole article on the Religion page at USAToday by linking here.

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