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April 25, 2010

Personal Confession

Here’s the dirt on Paul Wilkinson:  I’m a very boring person.   Although I think I can hold a “cocktail party style” conversation on a variety of topics with a variety of people, I’ve been, as Drew Marshall might say, “doin’ the Jesus thing” for a lot of years.   As conversant as I might try to be on a variety of subjects, I live and work in a world of Christian ministry.   So you can try to get me going on some things, but certain areas — import cars, domestic red wines, and just about any sport you can name — are going to be a wipeout.

As a result, I have a high regard for bloggers who are faith-focused, and little time for bloggers who ramble on about the latest tech gear, cute things their kids did this week, and pictures of their last vacation.  (The last issue having much to do with envy and covetousness.)

Anyway, that’s my confession.

It shouldn’t be.   I’m realizing that I need to cut loose and relax those standards a bit.   When Steve McCoy at Reformissionary talks about his favorite music, or Pete Wilson at Without Wax highlights those great parenting moments; these things are what make these pastors real and transparent.   I should be celebrating those blogs here.

What I am coming to be less tolerant of involves the very “faith-focused” blogs to which a few years ago I would have given the highest marks.   The problem is their passion has absolutely no relatability to their congregation.   They live in a world of doctrine, a world of theology, a world of acadæmia, a world of church leadership challenges, a world of church government issues.  Truth be told, I believe they are largely writing to other pastors, carrying on a professional conversation that will tide them over until the next conference.

Their congregational members must cringe when they read their blogs.  “Who is this guy?”  “How can he relate to what I’m going through?”

In fact, I’m not even sure I should be the one apologizing.   This blog, although somewhat narrow in its spiritual focus, at least cuts loose with some cartoons, some offbeat ‘religious’ news stories, some speculative “what if?” editorials.  Besides my family wouldn’t be all that interesting to most of you, and my hobbies are few and far between.

But by comparsion, maybe I’m not really the one who is boring.

So how’s life at your computer?  Does your pastor’s blog relate to you, or is he off in another universe? Who do you think has a good chance at the World Series this year?*

*Answer only questions one and two… please.

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