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December 8, 2010

Wednesday Link List

The finest links have been assembled for your reading pleasure…

  • Without doubt, the site to see this week is Paperless Christmas.   Start your tour by clicking on the guy in the delivery uniform and the other clips (all approx 1:00 in length; 9 in total) will play in sequence.   Great music, too.
  • A big HT to Vitamin Z for the above book cover shot.   He got it from Brian Lopez who got it from [drum roll] Exotesparemboles, which everyone knows means… [cricket, cricket] …
  • After being involved in a four-car crash, Greg Boyd is asked how an event like this squares with his open-theology view vis-a-vis praying for protection before you drive somewhere.
  • Don’t blow it, guys.  Trey Morgan has ten gifts your wife would like for Christmas;  which, three days later, resulted in a list of ten gifts your husband would like for Christmas.
  • England’s John P. Richardson gets into the moral and ethical dilemma created by the WikiLeaks story.
  • Linda at the blog, I Wonder as I Wander, would like you to meet Josh Garrels, who she describes quite well when she says, “He ain’t your typical Christian musician.”
  • The whole NIV thing gets a little more complicated for Bill Mounce after hearing someone’s proof that the Holy Spirit is a “she.”
  • Here’s the link for this year’s edition of’s Big Picture series of Hubble Space Telescope advent pictures; with a new picture added each day.  I like to call this Artwork by God.
  • Here’s another website dealing with issues of sexuality; check out Six:11 Ministries, in particular, this organization ministers to the GLBT community.   Here’s their blog.
  • Brian Welch, a former member of the band Korn was a guest last week on The 700 Club.
  • Carlos Whittaker gets told, in essence, that he’s not white enough to lead worship in a particular church.
  • Tim Elmore guests at Michael Hyatt’s blog with a piece on teaching your kids generosity at this time year.   Would your kids be willing to think in terms of giving away some toys this season?
  • Youth worship from Canada:  Here’s a link for a free download of the band Nine O Five from east Toronto doing Hillsong’s With Everything with guest Aaron Gillespie.
  • Producers of the third and newest Narnia movie, Voyage of the Dawntreader, are hoping to capture the spirit and the profitability of the first one, as explained to the L.A. Times.
  • Ron Pai, aka The Brown Kid, is back blogging — or was — and asks the question, How Then Shall We Church Plant?   Some good thoughts.
  • Here are your CCM/gospel category nominees for this year’s Grammy Awards, not including Christian musicians who may be part of projects nominated in other categories.
  • Our picture this week (below) was found at the blog Ironic Catholic.

May 6, 2009

Vietnam War: The Girl in the Picture

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the-girl-in-the-picture1Everyone’s seen her.   Many know her simply as “The Girl in the Picture.”   The photographer won the 1972 Pulitzer Prize for photography.   Justifiably so, since possibly no other picture captures the atrocity known as the Vietnam War.

She survived that day.   Kind of — she experiences pain to this day.   I’m told she lives today about an hour’s drive from where I do.  She travels and speaks about her experience, which is also the subject of a July, 2001 Penguin book by Denise Chong appropriately titled, The Girl in the Picture.

But there’s another person involved in this story who is not in the picture.   That’s the story you need to read today.     Click on this link to the blog, Girl in a Glass House.


GiaGH is a blog which has a real community of followers who leave some great comments.   I didn’t mind stealing the following from last month’s comment page since it’s a reprint.

Lewis Smedes:
“Paul ran from Christ; Christ pursued and overtook him. Paul resisted Christ; Christ disarmed him. Paul persecuted Christ; Christ converted him. Paul was an alien; Christ made him a member of the family. Paul was an enemy; Christ made him a friend. Paul was ‘in the flesh’; Christ set him ‘in the Spirit.’ Paul was under the law; Christ set him in grace. Paul was dead; Christ made him alive to God. How does one give reasons for this? He does not give reasons; he sings, ‘Blessed be God who blessed us . . . even as he chose us in him.'”

Lewis B. Smedes, Union With Christ, pages 86-87.  (seen on a comment left two weeks ago at Girl in A Glass House blog.)

Some explanation of yesterday’s Christianity Today poll results is necessary.    There is a backstory, and you’ll find it in yesterday’s comments with our thanks to Jon Rising at the blog Word & Spirit.

December 12, 2008

Signs of Faith: The Bible Road

Sam FentressChristianity Today has posted something unique today: a photo essay slide show by Sam Fentress called Bible Road; in which he provides descriptive commentary for a number of pictures he has taken of various types of signs which are intended as a Christian witness.

His work has also been the subject of a hardcover book by the same name published in February 2007…

Says Fentress: “…the British marketing department didn’t get it. ‘They were going to put it in the humor section of the bookstore. I don’t mind if people laugh, but it’s not a book that goes in the humor department, I hope.'”

bible-roadTo read the setup of this from CT (highly recommended) click here.  There’s an interesting end to what started out as purely photographic journey that you don’t want to miss.

To go straight to the three-minute slide show with audio, click here.

Photos – Upper: One of the pictures in the slide show; Lower: Front cover of Bible Road (2007, David & Charles Publishers, $29.99 U.S.)

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