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March 26, 2014

Wednesday Link List

Football Cross at MontanaWestUSA(dot)com

We’re back with another mid-week link meeting! Here’s what your brothers and sisters from random parts of the big ‘C’ church were up to this week. Clicking any of the links below will take you to PARSE, the list’s benevolent patron.

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Our closing cartoon is rather interesting, don’t you think? The artist is Jess MacCallum and you can click the image to see more.

Evolution Cartoon at JessMacCallum(dot)com

May 7, 2009

Newsboys Still Got It

newsboysFaced with five hours in the car today, I downloaded recent sermons by Rob Bell and Greg Boyd which I played once each, and the new album by The Newsboys, which I listened to at least three times, parts of it more than that.

In The Hands of God released on Tuesday in North America — I’m not sure how that compares with the U.K. and Aust. — though the title song has been on Christian radio for several weeks.

I’m the kind of person who likes to review an album with all the facts in front of me, as well as having completely studied the lyric booklet.   While that was not possible while driving, it also wasn’t possible when I got home because the typsetting is so miniscule that I don’t think even the kids to whom this album is targetted could read this without a magnifying glass.   This did however confirm the old adage that if you listen to rock music you’ll go blind.   I think that’s the adage…

So I really don’t know what the song RL 1984 is about, but I’m sure someone will inform me in the comments section.    That leaves me room for just a few observations.

  1. Michael Tait:   You’re gonna fit in really well in this band.   …For those who already know about this, note that it’s Peter Furler on the album; Michael took over after its recording.   But you can already hear a new direction in the band’s sound.
  2. It’s nice to hear great Christian music that isn’t modern worship or vertical worship; not that I have anything against worship.   These guys are the kings of Christian pop for good reason, and I appreciate them being who they are and what they and not trying to cave in to pressure to release what everyone else is doing.
  3. That said, “Glorious” and “Lead Me to the Cross” are worship songs, but to my ears, so is the title song.   I envision “In The Hands of God” with a soloist doing the verses and then the chorus projected onscreen for a congregation to join in.
  4. “The Upside” is much fun musically.   Reminds me of many of the best great pop anthems.
  5. I have no fifth point.

newsboys with PeterSo there you are.    Just for reading this far, here’s a bonus link to the title song on one of those homemade videos where they provide the lyrics superimposed over stock photos.   (The lyrics are appreciated to help focus on the song, but the pix are often crying to be removed from the web due to overuse.)   Truth-in-video purists can choose this link to a live version.   I’ll take the studio quality audio.

Link:  Exhaustive Newsboys bio and discography at Wikipedia

May 5, 2009

Tuesday Links: Life in Blogland


Lots to see in the blogosphere today:

  • Jeff at Losing My Religion is celebrating a birthday today (5/5) and this week has a great, lengthy interview with Michael Frost, missional church guru and co-author (with Alan Hirsch) of the book ReJesus.
  • Video book promos on YouTube are somewhat mandatory these days if you have a new release; and Tony Morgan‘s gives an excellent preview of his book Killing Cockroaches without any hype.  (HT: Church Relevance blog)
  • If you want to re-write the definitive standard for an over-the-top church website, the one for Evangel Cathedral should do it.  (HT: Pragmatic Electric blog.  Be sure to check out his Apr. 25 post, If Jesus Returns Tonight, Who Will Feed Your Pets?  It contains a vital link to Post Rapture Pets.)
  • Jim Upchurch has renamed his blog, Christ: His Work and His Word.   Last weekend he wrote an excellent devotional piece, What if You Knew How and When You Would Die?
  • Quoted on Bob Hyatt’s blog:  “In a faster world, maybe we need a slower church.” ~ Leighton Ford
  • Two entire chapters of Hebrews.   Totally memorized.    Shared with passion by Ryan Ferguson.    Takes eleven minutes.   Google Video link here.   (HT: Tony Miano’s blog, Lawman Chronicles)
  • Finally, on the lighter side; Michael Tait isn’t the newest member of Newsboys after all, as the blog Backseat Writer makes visibly clear in this post.   That’s it for today’s links.
  • Almost every time I do links like this, I always include a link to my unpublished book The Pornography Effect: Understanding for the Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Girlfriends, because every day there’s someone new who needs to read it.   It’s online and it’s free to read.
  • Since you asked, I’m currently reading The Blue Parakeet by Scot McKnight (Zondervan) and the revised — 14 years later — edition of The King James Only Controversy by James White (Bethany House).   Both deal with the Bible and how we both read and translate it, so I don’t mind reading the two books at once.   If you want to make it a hat-trick, you’d have to add How To Choose a Bible Translation For All It’s Worth by Gordon Fee and Mark Strauss (Zondervan).
  • Today’s cartoon is from ASBO Jesus.  Now with over 700 thought-provoking, intriguing, controversial and sometimes frustrating cartoons served.   Never a dull moment at that cartoon blog.   (It’s Brit-speak for Anti-Social Behavior Order.)
  • Since this post is a potpourri already, the survey, which follows, is from Christianity Today and reflects that readers of its various websites have a rather secularized view of how we all got here.  If you’re going to comment on something here, this would be the one.
    Christianity Today Poll
    What best describes your view of the origins of creation?
    Young-earth creationism

    Old-earth creationism

    Theistic evolution

    Naturalistic evolution

    I don’t know

    None of the above


    Total Votes: 4153

March 13, 2009

The Newsboys, Michael Tait, Oral Roberts, Bill Hybels, The Pollen Index and the Coming Evangelical Collapse

They Don’t Do Weather Forecasting Like This Where We Live




But then again, maybe they should.  How useful would these three factors be to your situation?

And the Commencement Speaker At Oral Roberts University This Year Is…
…(wait for it)…BILL HYBELS!   Yes, that Bill Hybels.   ORU continues to try to rebrand itself as a little less charismatic will Willow Creek founder Hybels as this year’s speaker.   You can read more here.

Michael Tait as a Newsboy?
It’s official.  The man we’ve come to identify with DCTalk is officially replacing Peter Furler with the Newsboys.    Furler leaves the band after 22 years but will make several guest appearances with the band throughout the coming year.  You can read that story here.
The Coming Evangelical Collapse

There’s been a lot of talk this week about Michael Spencer (aka Internet Monk) and the article he wrote for The Christian Science Monitor.   I especially appreciated these comments, blended from his second and sixth points:

Ironically, the billions of dollars we’ve spent on youth ministers, Christian music, publishing, and media has produced a culture of young Christians who know next to nothing about their own faith except how they feel about it. Our young people have deep beliefs about the culture war, but do not know why they should obey scripture, the essentials of theology, or the experience of spiritual discipline and community. Coming generations of Christians are going to be monumentally ignorant and unprepared for culture-wide pressures.

Even in areas where Evangelicals imagine themselves strong (like the Bible Belt), we will find a great inability to pass on to our children a vital evangelical confidence in the Bible and the importance of the faith.

You can read that article here.   Or if you have time, link to all the original articles in Michael’s blog.

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