Thinking Out Loud

May 19, 2011

“You’ll Never Know How Much I Love You”

Today’s item is probably a bit non-characteristic, although if you look at the early posts on this blog, it’s actually a little closer to where I began.  We’re going through a rather stressful time right now, and yesterday it caused me to be a little emotional. I can’t promise tomorrow will be back to normal.

I’ve been thinking about that phrase, “You’ll never know how much I love you.”  My parents said it to me.  And last night I said it to my youngest son.  Until you’ve had children, you don’t know the degree to which you were loved by your own parents, if you were fortunate enough to grow up in a stereotypical family, or if you were blessed to be raised by a single parent who loved you dearly.  And even as your kids begin to go out into the world and stake their own territory, their own independence, instead of “letting go” you want to just grab them and hold them close.  Just one more time.

You never stop being a parent.

Roughly translated, the phrase means, “Because of limited experience, you do not presently have the capacity to understand the nature and depth of the love that I have for you; but when your own life circumstances allow you to begin to understand it, my love for you will only have increased even more.”

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