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September 28, 2013

Confusing Scripture Graphic

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Psalm 91 Confusing Image

No, it’s not you. There’s something wrong here.  I’ll let Jon Acuff followed by some of his friends Tweet their response:

  • It bothers me that it’s a cheetah not a lion. Am I a horrible Christian?
  • Am I equally horrible for thinking the kid should be STANDING, not crouching?
  • Ok so why would you follow someone’s IG if all you wanted to do was rip them apart?? I thought it was funny ( and so were the comments).
  •  Hahaha, I love when people try to demonize you. You always have great comebacks!
  • I was thinking the same thing, before I read your comment!
  • This designer doesn’t play by all your direct scripture quoting rules; (yeah you know where this is going) he’s a CHEETAH!
  • You should photo shop a lion’s head onto this image… “There, I fixed it”
  • If you look closely you can see it’s clearly a lion wearing a cheetah costume.
  • Bhahaha
  • Before I read your caption I was like, “b-b-but that’s not a lion…” I’m with ya!
  •  I think both cheetah and the kid are standing on a lion.
  • I looked at that (before I saw who posted it) and thought “That’s a cheetah. What’s going on here?” LOL
  • Also, is that the largest cheetah on earth or what? Sheesh.
  • It could be kinda accurate! There were mountain leopards in many of the places where David hid from Saul, including the caves of En-Gedi!
  • With God you will crouch unharmed next to giant cheetahs. I like the original too. Either way the sentiment rocks.

Well…for another take on Psalm 91; check out the video here by Sonicflood

…and if you missed the excitement over Jon’s resignation this week from the Dave Ramsay team, there’s this article

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