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November 8, 2009

How’s The Traffic Where You Live?

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I think this one proves that Ben Bateman who draws Mankind Toons, must live somewhere nearby.

Mankind Toons - 40 Years

I once heard Rob Bell say, “We have two seasons in Grand Rapids, winter and construction.”   Click on the cartoon itself to see more of Ben’s work.   (You can donate online to support Ben’s craft using all major credit cards.)

It’s not to late to promote your favorites…
Vote for your favorite podcast or sermon audio.
Yeah, I know, this would have drawn more traffic on a Monday than on a weekend.   So…if you’re reading this on a Monday — or any other day — feel free to leave a comment letting the world know who you like to listen to.

August 26, 2009

Link Land

I’ll keep these short and sweet so you have time to click on all of them!

  • Michael Spencer, aka Internet Monk is blogging through a series of analysis and commentary on the elements that make up an Evangelical church service.   No particular post link here, as you’ll have to scroll up and down to catch the entire series, The Evangelical Liturgy.   (But if you’re coming to this beyond early September ’09, then use this link to the first six posts.)
  • Christianity Today has done an interesting piece for women called What Not To Wear, advice for women in church leadership.    Apparently “Sally is too pretty to preach.”  (No, guys, there’s no pictures.)
  • Regent College professor John Stackhouse suggests that it might be to our advantage to stop the drive towards extinction of that endangered species known as the Christian bookstore.   The piece  is titled, Good Bookstores: If We Ignore Them, They’ll Go Away.
  • Congratulations to Denver-bound Jeff McQuilken at Losing My Religion on the occasion of 500 thought provoking blog posts.   Well, maybe not the anniversary one.   BTW, that blog title would make a great song title, don’t ya think?
  • Ben Bateman at Mankind Toons has picked up his pen or brush or whatever cartoonists use after a long break, and also launched a new website.    See below for a sample of his work.
  • Blogger Michael Kruse at Kruse Kronicle posts the 2013 Beloit College list, significant for me since I have one headed to college in a week.
  • If you ever endured Philosophy 101, you know all about Plato’s Cave aka Plato’s Cave Analogy.   Someone has done a short Claymation, which in turn has been posted at Clarion: Journal of Spirituality and Justice.
  • Worried about Fluffy and Fido after the rapture.   Here’s another service that will take care of them, for a fee that is, at Eternal Earthbound Pets.  But don’t worry any longer, because in an interview with Jayson Boyette, the atheist founder admits they have no intention of ever actually having to feed the cats and dogs.     Part One.   Interview Part Two.

Super Apostles - Mankind Toons

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