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September 23, 2013

Hands Up if You Enjoy Today’s Worship!

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Worship moment

The splendor of the King, robed in majesty…
…darkness tries to hide, and trembles at His voice…
…How great is our God…

The worship team has done an excellent job this morning in terms of song choice, musical execution, and setting the tone for us to enter into God’s presence; and now we are coming up to the final song. I have my eyes closed since I know the lyrics, but open them momentarily and there begins an inner dialog with me and myself.

Me 1:  These are powerful lyrics, I think I want to raise my hands.

Me 2: Nobody else has their hands raised.

Me 1: That’s odd. I think I should lead the way on this.

Me 2: So you’re doing it as a prompt to the rest of the congregation.

Me 1: Well if it inspires someone…

Me 2: So you’re doing it to impress everyone?

Me 1: No, I really feel this is a powerful worship moment.

Me 2: But you also happen to be sitting in the second row.

Me 1: I’ll sit at the back next week.

Me 2: So you can raise your hands privately? Are you embarrassed?

Me 1: I just think when you’re in leadership certain things are expected of you.

Me 2: So you’re raising your hands because people expect you to?

Me 1: Oh my! I think I’ll just raise them part way, up to my waist.

Me 2: But then nobody will be inspired to raise their hands.

Me 1: I can’t win this, can I?

Me 2: Not if you keep analyzing it to death.

Me 1: Okay, my hands are now fully extended, my eyes are closed and I’m worshiping.

Me 2: Still, you look rather silly.

Me 1: What’s silly? I’m sincere and I’m truly finding my worship moment.

Me 2: Yes, but nobody is copying you.

Me 1: Now I don’t care.

Me 2: You should.

Me 1: Why?

Me 2: Because the song ended 30 seconds ago and everyone else is seated.

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