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April 4, 2020

Songs for Good Friday | Songs for Communion

For the past decade, I’ve linked to or included songs at Thinking Out Loud and Christianity 201 which are cross-focused, appropriate for a Communion Service (Eucharist) or Good Friday. There are also a number of songs we’ve done individually or as part of a worship team. I’ve never attempted to gather them all in one place.

These are not the top songs which come to mind for many of you, but ones which I thought might be lesser known, or are more lyrically rich. There are a number by UK artists, and I feel the lyrical depth we get from songwriters there exceeds the output we see from writers in Nashville. I have however included a few you should recognize.

This is the first time I’ve embedded a playlist — not a single video — so to keep it playing you either need to keep this blog page open, or click the YouTube icon to transfer the action directly to YouTube. Right now there are 21 songs, so if you want to have this playing in the background, you should be good for 90+ minutes.

Again, these are not “Easter songs.” A few of them move to the resurrection, but the idea was to focus on the arrest, trial, scourging, suffering and crucifixion of Jesus.

If the player does not open properly here is the link.

April 14, 2017

Passion Week Songs (6) – Behold the Lamb

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On the night he was betrayed he took bread and broke it…

Today’s artist is Stuart Townend.

April 5, 2012

What Would You Do If You Were Going to Die on Friday?

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From the blog of Michael Kelley

What Would You Do If You Knew You Would Die on Friday?

Speak honestly about what angers you (Matthew 23:1-36).

Provide perspective to those around you (Matthew 24).

Reflect on what really matters (Matthew 25).

Have dinner with friends (Matthew 26:26-30).

Let those around know how much you love them (John 13:1-20).

Comfort your friends with hope (John 14).

Pray (Matthew 26:36-46).

April 14, 2011

Exploring our Jewish Roots

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Around this time of year, some churches will experiment (for lack of a better word) with the idea of replicating a Passover Seder, as this was what the disciples were doing with Jesus on the night of his betrayal by Judas and subsequent arrest.

My wife started a local ministry here many years ago called Stained Glass.  It centered around an interdenominational worship team — each person in the band was from a different church — and extended worship times based on a theme with poetry, prayers and readings added to the mix.  She did a Seder one time, and studied hard to understand the various nuances of it.  She then placed what seemed like a hundred cushions on the floor around a low table — actually a stage riser placed on the floor — so we could get the whole “reclining at the table” vibe.

But she is the exception. I think for the most part, anyone attempting this is well advised to bring someone in who is fluent in Jewish culture, including possibly bringing a Jewish person to join your event.

But I’d never thought of bringing the celebration of Purim to church until I read this blog post from a month ago by Dan Kimball at Vintage Faith.  Purim, which recreates the story of Esther, involves much participation from the children present including audience participation a la Rocky Horror Picture Show.  It’s also been described to me — because the kids dress up in wild costumes — as a kind of Jewish version of Halloween, at least for the kids. The good guys and the bad guys are delineated to the extreme, sort of like turning up the color balance on a monitor to maximum saturation.

Be sure to click this and read Dan’s report.

May 4, 2009

Monday Links — Christian News Update

Shack Publisher To Launch Music Division

Christian Retailing — a bookstore trade magazine published by the same people who publish Charisma magazine — is announcing that “The publishing newcomers behind Christian fiction phenomenon The Shack are hoping for a repeat success in the music world. Windblown Records, a new division of Windblown Media–the company formed to publish William P. Young’s novel after it was turned down by more than 20 established publishers–has released My Beautiful One. The 12-track CD features instrumental arrangements of worship songs by Chris DuPré.” …Continue reading the whole story here.

Adam Gregory To Star in WWJD Movie

The website Country Standard Time is reporting that Adam Gregory will star in a movie based on the book that inspired the whole WWJD phenomenon a few years ago. “…The upcoming film “WWJD” [is] based on one of the best-selling Christian books of all-time… Gregory’s original song What Would Jesus Do from his recent Canadian release “Crazy Days” will also be featured in the film. The song was co-written by Keith Follese and Billy Yates. …Filming on the project begins this week in Los Angeles.” The book referred to is In His Steps by Charles Sheldon. …Read the entire story here.

Jesus More Popular Than Beatles

John Lennon may have once suggested that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, but at the first ever auction in the 44-year history of the Hollywood Wax Museum, the wax figures of the Beatles fetched only $13,000; compared to $15,000 for Jesus and His disciples at The Last Supper. To read the short report at the Starpulse Entertainment site, link here.

Afghan Official Calls for Bible Distribution Probe

“A former Afghan official says an investigation should be conducted into U.S. soldiers allegedly trying to convert Muslims to Christianity.” So begins a report from United Press International (UPI) in which a former Afghan Prime Minister suggests that what the soldiers are doing is outside the limits of the U.S.’ own constitution. Continue reading the UPI story here.

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