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February 8, 2013

Memories of Cornerstone Festival and Magazine

Oboe Jones Comic - Kevin Frank - Cornerstone MagazineIf you remember Cornerstone Magazine after which the festival was named, you might remember the Oboe Jones comic by Kevin Frank which appeared 27 times in the mag. In 2011, Kevin uploaded all the comics. You choose an edition and then click on the image, and then click the little magnifier thing to see it full size.

Now, I know Kevin doesn’t like it when bloggers embed his stuff — physically impossible with these anyway —  so you’re going to have to click through for this one, but the particular link here is a great memory of the Cornerstone Festival, in this case the one from 1994. (But somewhat representative of all of them, the last one I attended being 1986.) If your internet connection can handle something 5,000 pixels wide, click through for Postcards from the Web. (The teaser sample here is just a very small part of a much larger scene.)  You might even find Waldo, though I’m not sure if Waldo is there to be found.

You can also catch up with Kevin’s more recent work at

January 18, 2009

Veteran Cartoonist Kevin Frank Releases Bible ‘Toon Collection

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Two cartoonists in one week?  This blog’s gonna get a reputation.   But I’ve wanted to feature the work of Kevin Frank for some time now, and this week the timing was right.    His work is featured in a variety of Christian publications, going all the way back to Cornerstone magazine and comic books from that era.   I was actually introduced to Kevin’s work about seven years ago through his “True North” comics; a true-to-life story about what it’s like to be a transplanted American living in Canada.*   Then, I came across “Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop,” which appears in newspapers through King Features Syndicate, as well as some Christian publications.

But it’s his bible cartoons we want to focus on today.  The event that occasions this mention — along with a rare opportunity to post a couple of the ‘toons themselves — is the release of a new book, Balaam’s Chicken with 130 pages available for only $10 at Kevin’s website.  You can link here to order the book.

kevin-frank-bookBALAAM’S CHICKEN is a book of over 100 hilarious Bible cartoons created by Kevin Frank. Kevin is a two time Evangelical Press Association award winner, and his faith-based cartoons have been reviewed by the New York Times. He is still trying to “draw a cartoon that God would put on his fridge.”

There was once a time that there were many books available in this genre in the Christian market.  I maintain that we actually need books like this; we need to laugh.  Like the late Peanuts creator Charles Schultz, I really like Kevin’s sense of humor and I hope you will, too.



*…and not just anywhere in Canada, but almost a local phone call away from us, though we’ve yet to meet in person.   Kevin’s illustration style was also exactly what I was looking to use in the cover of my own book, which is still unpublished.  I don’t think he does birthday parties, but you never know.

Cartoons used by written permission (just realized I picked two about Joseph!)

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