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May 30, 2009

Increasing Your Blog Stats: The Cheap and Easy Way

Our post a couple of Days ago about Robert A. Schuller’s TV Ministry announcement was about the eighth or ninth mention we’ve had of him and his ministry on this blog.   My wife and I have joked about how the traffic spikes when there’s some fresh news.   It’s almost a tabloid journalism frenzy when there’s a new development in the story, which began last fall with his departure from the Hour of Power TV Show and the Crystal Cathedral.   In fact, a couple of times, this blog has been among the first to carry the story.

So we laughed when yesterday, when a news feed from Boulder, Colorado was reporting that the house owned by Tim Milner and his wife, Carol Schuller Milner, the same house where the body of JonBenet Ramsey was found, once belonging to John and Patsy Ramsey was up for sale for $1.05 million (USD). . Milner is Robert Sr.’s daughter and Robert Jr.’s sister.

For bloggers who like getting traffic, this convergence of JonBenet Ramsey and Robert Schuller is a gift. A birthday gift in this case, since today is my birthday. A cheap way and easy way of driving traffic that becomes meaningless statistics, since few, if any, will become regular readers of a blog focused on spiritual issues from a Christian perspective.

But alas, I decided this was too easy.   I would never sink to this.  However, if you want to read the history of the Schuller stories carried here, here are the links.

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Which brings me to the subject of my birthday.   What I’m really hoping for is large checks, as in:

Large Check

But the last time I asked for large checks, I ended up with this:

Large checks

Note to readers in more civilized parts of the world: This attempt at humor (humour) is a concession to my American readers, who form the bulk of my stats — and this post is about stats, remember?   Everywhere else, the joke doesn’t work in print, since the first item would be large cheques not checks.    Verbally, however; the joke works and you’re welcome to use it.

Besides this post needed some graphics, and I decided against JonBenet Ramsay, as tempting as that might have been, because it would have brought comments I was making light of it; that her’s was a tragic story; which is true.    And we wouldn’t want to do things just to get comments, either.

But if you want to comment, here’s a question:  Do you think the Schuller Saga has a tabloid kind of fascination among Christians?   Does that make us no better than people who read the newsprint periodicals sold at the grocery store checkouts?  Or people, many years later, still sniffing around for fresh takes on the JonBenet Ramsay story?

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