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September 15, 2011

Tyndale University Nixes George Bush Appearance

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So President Bush (the younger) was due to show up in my backyard, so to speak, next week. 

But not now.  The Toronto appearance has been canceled due to “scheduling conflicts;” or some other such lame excuse; the kind of thing you say when you don’t want to give the real reason.

Seems the event was scheduled in a low-key way as a private event for 150 people, but was also booked with the intent of bringing some “profile” to Tyndale University and College, central Canada’s leading Bible College and Seminary which now also grants liberal arts degrees.  Uh, excuse me: How do you do low-key and profile in the same event?

Actually, it’s easy when you cancel the event.  I think that for next month, Tyndale should cancel a breakfast with Bono and a worship service with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Anyway, here’s the sequence of links for this one as it now stands:

So Tyndale gets its profile after all, but is it the profile it wanted from all this? Did the organization not realize the way Bush is perceived among both Evangelicals and the population at large?  I’m a huge fan of Tyndale University, but I don’t think this was the right guest speaker.  Not here, not now.

Meanwhile, I’m sure other organizations can watch and learn from this strategy.  There are other former presidents and prime-ministers just waiting to have their name attached to a speaking engagement that doesn’t necessarily have to materialize.

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