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March 4, 2012

ABC Launches GCB Tonight

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My first reaction to the launch of GCB tonight is to ignore it completely, but my fear is that this might leave some Christians completely unprepared for the water cooler conversations that will happen Monday at work.

GCB portrays Christians as sexually overwrought people who maintain an outward veneer of piety and purity which covers over carnal urges.  A mix of holiness and horny-ness.  Like the saying, “Cats are like Baptists, they raise hell but you can never catch them at it.”  And, no doubt, six other deadly sins.

Starting to get the picture?

I covered the TV series here on March 20th last year.  So if you’re wondering what GCB stands for, you can click the story, but not if there are kids in the room.

Everything Hollywood produces is a caricature of real life.  And doubly so where the media tries to portray anybody with any connection to religious life.

Though a Wikipedia article downplays the faith element, this show is definitely going to cross several lines. 

And it might be you that’s taking the heat over this in the days that follow; because the message of GCB is that church life in the United States is an exercise in hypocrisy.  

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