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February 10, 2010

Wednesday Links

But February made with shiver
with every link that I’d deliver…

Time for another look at some things that caught my eye this week.   Recommendations can be sent anytime during the week to the e-mail address on my “about” page.

  • I like a book trailer that really makes me want to read the book, and that’s what I found in the promo vid for the comic novel, The God Cookie by Geoffrey Wood.
  • Not so sure about this one, though.  A somewhat backdoor approach to outreach by under the website Satan Hates Life.  Tell me what you think.
  • Got King James Version Only friends?  Here’s some material to help you make a rational response to their issues — if rationality will help at all — from the blog Gazing at Glory.
  • Blogger Rich Dixon thinks we’re only considering two-thirds of a popular quotation from Augustine.   Check out his thoughts at Bouncing Back.
  • Pornography.   It’s not just a guy thing anymore.   Here’s an article from Rachel Zoller at Focus on the Family, Girls Snared by Porn and Cybersex.
  • Speaking of which, writing Monday’s Jewish-flavored post uncovered this page of recommended internet filtering software.   (The referrer liked the K9 (free) program.
  • New Blog of the Week:  Downhill Both Ways.  Let’s just say the author, who most of you know, uses more than 22 words to tell a story.
  • Here’s a flashback to October, a Tullian Tchividjian post about How to Identify A Reliable Preacher.   “…if we are going to grow we need to be sitting at the feet of reliable carriers of God’s truth.”
  • Afraid?  Anxious?  Worried?  Fearful?   Check out this short post at Justin Taylor’s blog at The Gospel Coalition.
  • You shouldn’t be a manipulator.  But neither should you be manipulated.   Sometimes manipulation comes disguised as the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing.   Check out the discussion at Resolved To Worship.
  • A sad story out of Florida last week where two young street preachers were murdered, as reported in the Palm Beach Post.
  • Jim Daly.  Get to know that name.   He replaces another J.D., James Dobson, as the voice — he’s been president since ’05 — of Focus.   Here’s the 411 on him from The Wall Street Journal.
  • Okay, so here’s the deal, I like to end each Wednesday Link List with a cartoon, and this week is no exception, with one from The Back Pew by Jeff Larson.   But does anyone know why there’s two versions circulating out there for this week’s cartoon? ????

January 12, 2009

Did You Get Your Kids Porn For Christmas?

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Catchy title, eh?   But I didn’t think of it.   This was posted a few days ago at XXXChurch.Com and rather than just link to it, I’m reproducing it in full here because I think it’s important…

I bet you never thought to ask yourself, “Did I get my kids porn for Christmas?”. I’m pretty sure you didn’t wrap up a stack of Playboy magazines and put them under the tree or put porn DVD’s in your kids stockings. Or did you?

Sometimes we don’t think or don’t know about the unintended consequences of the gifts we give our kids. For instance, did you get any of your kids a new cell phone for Christmas? Does the cell phone have Internet access? If so, you gave your kids porn for Christmas. Did you get any of your kids the iPod Touch for Christmas? If so, you gave them porn for Christmas. Did you get your kids a new computer for Christmas? If you didn’t buy a filter to go along with it, you gave them porn for Christmas. Why did I pick Cell Phones, the iPod Touch and Computers? They’re popular gifts and can crack the door open to the world of porn.

LG Cell PhoneCell Phones: Most cell phones have Internet access and filtering porn on cell phones is a real challenge. Some cell phone carrier’s, like AT&T or Verizon, have parental controls available but you may have to pay extra (AT&T charges $4.99/m per line) for the service and each cell phone may have a different way to implement the filtering. So grab your kids Christmas cell phone, call your carrier and find out how to block porn and other inappropriate websites on their phone.
iPod Touch
iPod Touch: The iPod Touch has parental controls but it’s pretty much having Internet access turned on or turned off. So grab your kids’ iPod Touch, access the Parental Controls and turn off the Internet. There is a company, SafeEyes, that’s coming out with Internet filtering for the iPod Touch and the iPhone. So when that comes out get it so your kids can safely surf the web on those devices. For more information about this mobile Internet filtering software from SafeEyes follow this link:

LapTopComputers: Without Internet filtering software on your kids PC they can access a ton of porn and other inappropriate content. And if you got them a laptop they can access that type of content just about anywhere. So grab you kids PC and load up an Internet filter from SafeEyes by clicking here. Then go download X3 Watch from XXXChurch for extra protection. It’s not a filter but will tell you, via email, if your kids are going to inappropriate websites (click here).

Now that you have a little more information ask yourself, “Did I get my kids porn for Christmas?” If so, now you know what to do to make your Christmas gifts porn free.

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While we’re on this topic, this is a good time to remind you that if you’re a woman who is concerned about the online activity of a husband, father, son, brother or boyfriend (or neighbor, co-worker, or fellow-student) my book The Pornography Effect is available for free online reading.   It appears on a WordPress blog like this one, the first page contains the introductory sections and chapters 1-6 and the “older posts” tab at the bottom of the page gets you chapters 7-15.   Use the link in the blogroll or simply link here to

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