Thinking Out Loud

October 15, 2012

Did Church Work For You Yesterday?

Carlos Whittaker posted this on his blog, Ragamuffin Soul exactly two weeks ago.  You may find it a little harsh, or you may feel he nailed it. Perhaps you attend church, and it’s not perfect, but you go with different expectations.  Either way, I’d like to know your reaction.

Yesterday millions of people stood in rows and sang songs.
Yesterday millions of people sat in rows and listened to a person talk about God.
Yesterday millions of people left a building and went back home.

Today millions of people are waiting to see if “going to church” worked.
Today millions of people are going to be severely disappointed.
Today millions of people need to see that church wasn’t yesterday and it wasn’t in a building…
Today millions of people need their church staff to not start planning CHURCH next Sunday until they show them CHURCH today.

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