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April 9, 2013

How END IT Landed Here at Thinking Out Loud

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Yesterday’s blog post about today’s END IT awareness day for ending human slavery came about after watching two online church services on Sunday. The promotional video that ran here yesterday was shown at North Point Community Church (Andy Stanley) in Atlanta and at Cross Point Church (Pete Wilson) in Nashville. I happened to be watching both services in addition to attending a real live church in the morning.

I don’t know if the program has had any momentum here in Canada, but as a blogger whose writing reaches deep into the U.S., I feel like more like this is a blog that originates elsewhere but largely broadcasts into the United States.When a cause is being raised and local churches are cooperating, I don’t want to watch from a distance, I want to join in.

It just so happened that Pete Wilson had started a series on “Five Lies,” the first of which is the lie that says I don’t have any influence or I can’t make a difference. He then introduced the video and also read about a local news story where a young girl was found to be living in slavery right there in Nashville.

He then said something like, “And you know where this all took place?  For those of you in our Nashville campus, fifty yards from our front door.”

Then he introduced Christian singer Natalie Grant who is with a similar organization working with the same cause, Abolition International.

But the focus today is on and Shine a Light on Slavery Day.

Why do I post these things? I’m not trying to attract traffic here, rather, I want my existing readers to be aware of what’s going on, because the whole project is based on increasing awareness, and thereby bringing about world change.

April 8, 2013

Tuesday is Shine a Light on Slavery Day

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On Tuesday, mark a red “X” on your hand in recognition of 27 million people bound by slavery.

27 million people
More than at any time in history
Forced to work against their will
In fields, factories, brothels, under threat of violence…
… for someone else’s gain.

Now is the time to end it
The way we always have
We fight for freedom
We raise our voice
We support freedom fighters


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