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July 10, 2018

We Appointed Ourselves Judge and Jury

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We live in a corner house in middle-class suburbia. The stop sign pictured above sits on our property. In the summer we eat dinner outside at the front because we have no back yard to speak of and carrying the food to the side yard would be cumbersome.

When a car drives by, we’ve trained ourselves to turn our heads to see if they stop.

In my opinion, few do, though it’s a nuanced adjudication.

Mrs. W. however is much more lenient. She’s the judge you want to appear before when you find yourself in times of trouble. (Hidden song reference.) But even she would concur that most aren’t bothering to stop.

Me? I want to see the car come to a full stop.

The town doesn’t help things. A few years back they stopped painting the white stop lines on the road on secondary streets like ours. Probably to save money. They aren’t actually saving a cent however; what they’re doing is exposing themselves to massive liability.

For example, less than a mile away, there is a situation where the stop sign is completely obscured by a resident’s trees. I’ve filed a complaint with the town on this, and there was a short-term fix, but the tree branches grew out again. You don’t see the sign until you’re almost sailing past. A stop line wouldn’t solve this entirely, but it would help. But no action was taken on that part of my complaint.

Back to ours, the problem is that it’s a corner and traffic coming from the direction of the houses in the picture and turning left onto our street tend to cut the corner.

So you’ve got people going in one direction not stopping and people cutting the corner coming the other way who can’t be seen until it’s too late.

…At some point in the future this column will be an “I told you so;” but I hope the inevitable happens on a day we’re not at home.

Also, this is symptomatic of an increasing disobedience to traffic laws of all kinds. Running red lights. Speeding. Failing to yield to pedestrians.

Everybody is in it only for themselves, and when it comes to sharing the road, that’s unacceptable.


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