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May 1, 2009

Robert A. Schuller to start Web and TV Ministry

Two Crystal Cathedral stories in a row; but if my stats are any indication, people have a vast interest in the soap opera playing out in Garden Grove, California.   (Okay, “soap opera” is a bit harsh…)

bobby-schullerThe Orange County Register is reporting today — based largely on a March 27th post on a blog started by Robert A. Schuller’s wife, Donna Schuller — that Robert A. is starting a new ministry.   But the story also quotes Mrs. Schuller as saying a few days ago that a formal announcement is coming “at the end of the month.”   The Schuller’s son Bobby leads a ministry project called The Gathering, which oversees a service ministry called The St. Patrick Project.  Both are covered in the story and on the blog.   You can read the OC Register story here.

Pictured: Bobby Schuller (Robert Schuller, The Next Generation!)

Okay, it’s not just about stats, but if you got here from a WordPress or Google tag, click on the banner and take a look around.  And oh yeah, it’s not just about a soap opera either, it’s about the issues that led to this whole story starting up in the first place, larger issues that affect church and ministry everywhere.

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