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January 26, 2012

Choosing My Religion (On the Basis of Music)

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This classic bit from Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers is old, I know; but I figured someone out there may be in need of a laugh right now.

June 14, 2009

I Watched a Gaither Video and I Liked It

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It’s my wife’s fault.   She brought it home with some items left over from a yard sale her ministry organization was running.

Mark Lowry4Last night, I watched a 2005, 2-hour DVD, Mark Lowry Goes to Hollywood.   It doesn’t have the “Gaither Gospel Series” banner across the top and doesn’t feature the Homecoming Friends, so technically speaking it’s not a Gaither video, though it was mostly music and no doubt follows the same formula.  I did enjoy it.  But if someone offered me a ticket for the next time the Homecoming tour passes through our part of the world, I’d probably suggest giving them to someone with a greater appreciation for the genre.   It’s still not entirely my scene.   Call it denial.

Lowry is a wonderful treasure belonging to the Christian community at large.    In one of the all-too-few spoken bits on this DVD, he reminded me of comedian Robin Williams.    Kinda guy you’d love to spend an hour with, but not over dinner, because you’d be spitting out your food from laughter.  He’s proof that you don’t need ADD to be in comedy, but it sure helps.

However, it also struck me that Mark is a man of spiritual depth.   He knows his Bible, yes; but its words have also traveled that distance from head to heart.   The concert also featured The Isaacs, Lordsong, Stan Whitmore, Michael English, Reggie Smith, Bill Gaither (of course) and the Remarkable Choir.    It did leave me wanting to hear more from each of them.

Nonetheless, I will still insist that I have yet to watch a Gaither gospel video.   One has one’s reputation to protect.    And don’t you tell anyone.

…Here’s a homemade clip someone put on YouTube from the DVD that’s one of my favorite parts, where Mark Lowry describes surviving a tornado in a houseboat.  “I would have had a lot more fun if I’d known I was going to live through it;” he quips.   It’s the first 3-4 minutes of this seven minute clip.

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