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November 21, 2009

The Most Incredible, Amazing Video Ever

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This is a gift to all my blogger friends in the U.S.:

This is — more or less — what we in Canada, The UK, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world get most of the time when you embed certain videos in your blog.

Please stop torturing us.



December 9, 2008

N. T. Wright Interview Banned in Canada by Comedy Central; But Why?

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nt_wrightOn December 19th it will be six months after the fact that The Colbert Report on Comedy Central did an interview with author and theologian N. T. Wright.

Comedy Central video content is not available on the internet to viewers outside the U.S.A.  Their server senses my ISP domain, and refers me to their Canadian equivalent, The Comedy Network, which has Colbert interviews available, but doesn’t think that anyone in what is basically a pagan nation would want to watch the N. T. Wright clip.

Nonetheless, I keep hearing about this interview, and therefore I am begging, pleading, imploring anyone in the United States who has the means to do so to send me even the audio of this interview. see update…

BTW, Comedy Central isn’t the only one.   All those “bonus features” that NBC offers U.S. viewers are also prevented from being screened on computers outside the U.S.   Why?  You tell me.   But I’m thinking of giving up watching The Office because it’s just too darned frustrating.   Especially when the newer features are direct plot tie-ins.

So please, anyone, an audio wave file would be fine; I don’t need to see the pictures…  You can mail me a cassette…  An eight-track…   Cut me a vinyl disc…  And if anyone from Comedy Central is reading this; feel free to offer an explanation but it better be believable…

[and no, it’s not on YouTube…]

Update:  Well, once the rant was officially published, I went back to The Comedy Network to shut the window down, and discovered the section “Interviews: W” seemed to have loaded more options.   I scrolled down and there it was.   Six months later, I was finally rewarded with seeing this strange appearance by a theologian on a comedy show.   (What’s next, Ben Witherington on Conan O’Brien?)   But halfway through, the thing crashed.

It had been lagging constantly and so I decided to go back to the beginning and give the buffering time to catch up.   Bad move.   I offended it.     It was playing in a Firefox viewer, not a standard web page, so I couldn’t refresh the page.

At this writing, I’m trying to start the entire process from scratch.  I guess it was too good to be true.

UPDATE # 2 — Absolute desperation has been rewarded.   Fifty five minutes after reaching the peak of frustration, I have finally seen this much-talked-about six minutes and two seconds of interview.   Why N. T. Wright agreed to play straight man on this eludes me, but Colbert’s home television audience is deserving of someone of Wright’s intellect, even if the live studio audience was a little giddy.  His comments on “new earth” certainly gel with the Randy Alcorn material I blogged about this summer.  So… Should it have taken six months to finally track this down?   Should it have taken fifteen minutes to watch six minutes of video on high speed internet?   That’s up to someone else to decide.   I won’t be visiting The Colbert Report again.   Too much anticipation for too little actual content.

FOOTNOTE:  Thanks to those of you who were busy putting a care package together for me.   My problem was resolved with the Canadian Comedy Network; but what of people in Australia, or New Zealand, or the U.K. who would want to view this?

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