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July 3, 2015

Teens, Twenty-Somethings Looking for More than Church Services, Bible Studies

My oldest son made a comment that has been haunting me now for about a week.

I had asked him on Sunday night if he wanted to join me at the last night of a video seminar we’ve been doing with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. I also asked him Monday night if he was going to a Young Adults Bible study thing that was part of a ministry initiative we had been campaigning for locally.

young adult ministryHe said basically, “Do Christians not ever do anything that isn’t a Church service or a Bible study?”

Well, the answer is yes and no. We live in a small town. In a larger urban center, I am sure there are other places and other contexts (i.e. service projects) for social contact with other Christians. But showing a great lack in creativity, even in large cities things often default to the two aforementioned options: (a) Things resembling a “lets sit in rows” church service, sometimes complete with an offering being taken, and (b) The “lets sit in a circle” Bible study model.

I totally agree with him. There must be something more. Christian concerts bypass our little corner of the world and have gotten pretty danged expensive lately. You need a talent pool to do the coffee-house model. You need lots of people to pull off a good sports night, not to mention a decent gym. Heck, you even need a bigger shopping mall than we have to stage a good scavenger hunt.

At an earlier stage of trying to get interest in this, I did come up with a few possibilities. We have a laboratory of sorts here that tests video games. I thought it would be interesting to open that up for a night to somewhat non-gaming people, and was in talks with the owner. We also have a restaurant that is only open for breakfast and lunch. I got the owner of that one to agree to doing a private, set-price buffet kind of thing, with a limit of 30 people. I was working on some other options as well, but remember that I am not a twenty-something or even thirty-something. Not remotely close. I was trying to get some ideas going for an event that I would, by design, not attend.

But instead, they went with a series of worship nights and Bible studies. Sigh!

I know running this on a Friday (a slow day on the blog, especially on a holiday weekend) may not generate comments, but I’d be open to any ideas you could toss out.

The other option we discussed tonight would involve people simply taking the individual initiative to volunteer for some service projects on their own with existing clubs and charities. That has great ‘salt and light’ potential, though it lacks the direct benefits of social contact with other Christians.

I have to agree with him. We do get offered a lot of services and study events, but as he also said so well, “Don’t Christians ever do anything just for fun?”

June 22, 2011

Wednesday Link List

To link or not to link, that is the question…

  • This is a real masterpiece, and if I could, I would steal the whole thing and post it here.  Perry Noble has written a list of ten things he desires for each and every person who calls NewSpring Church home.  Follow the link to the first one, watch any related video, and then click the arrows for each of the other nine.  Sample: ” #6 – I want every owner of NewSpring Church to know how to lead someone to Christ and feel the calling/responsibility to do so.”
  • TBN refused to air an episode of Jack Van Impe‘s weekly rant because it slammed Robert Schuller and Rick Warren, so Van Impe has decided to take his ball and his bat and go home, and has pulled his programs from the TBN schedule. “Although I understand, and actually agree with, your position that you ‘will not allow anyone to tell me what I can and cannot preach,’ I trust you understand that TBN takes the same position with its broadcast air time as well,” TBN President Paul Crouch wrote in a letter to Van Impe. More on this here tomorrow from a different perspective…
  • Here’s a great article for this time of year published a month ago at Leadership Journal, for people involved in ministry to young people who are leaving the local (church) area to go on to college.  Love what this Texas pastor says, “Our job doesn’t end at graduation, we call that ‘Day One.’  Each graduate leaving for college receives a $10 Starbucks gift card with the following instructions: go find a spiritual mentor on campus to take out for coffee.”
  • “Something good is going to happen to you.”  Remember that phrase?  I found this tucked away in a remote corner of the net, and even though it’s a full year old, someone here might like to have a look.  Randy R. Potts is now in his mid-thirties, he’s the grandson of Oral and Evelyn Roberts and he’s gay and estranged from the church.  If you’ve got 8-10 minutes take a look at life from his perspective.
  • The whole Xtra Normal text-to-animation method of making a point is awesome.  My son made one for a school presentation that he did, and here’s one I found on How to Be Really Terrible at Interpreting the Bible, aka “How To Show”  part two.
  • Two Perry Noble posts in one link list?  This is a must for singles; some of you may want to cut/paste and send this out as a FWD.  Check out Ten Reasons I Should Not Be Dating Him/Her.
  • On the one hand, I can’t believe Pete Wilson posted this video of a mother/daughter discussion on heaven and hell and religion in general; on the other hand, it’s probably more true to life than we realize.
  • On the weekend’s U.S. Open golf tournament, NBC-TV ran a video of a somewhat edited U.S. Pledge of Allegiance with the phrase “under God” edited out.  Twice.  What were thinking?  Apparently they are ready to admit they weren’t. Meanwhile the Supreme Court has decided not to hear another appeal to delete the clause from the pledge.
  • Canadian Anglicans in four churches that split from the apostate Anglican Church of Canada have decided to give up the fight to keep their buildings.  They will revert to the denomination which in fact is one of the largest holders of real estate in the country.  Legally legit I suppose, but morally wrong.
  • And speaking of Canadians, here’s a cold and snowy edition of one of the classic “religious” Peanuts comic strip — featuring Linus, of course — which actually isn’t the first time we’ve included Peanuts here in a Wednesday Link List.

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