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May 15, 2014

Creative Video and Art Installation

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Every once in awhile I uncover something that’s got something special or different worthy of celebrating. When an individual or team or church puts something together that is not only committed to artistic excellence, but also makes the hearer or viewer really think, then I want to share that here.  I found this earlier this week catching up with the blog Chris from Canada. (You’re encouraged to pick up the story there!) Chris Vacher is a worship leader at C4, a church just east of Toronto.

What I liked about this from the start was that there were two very different things going on between the audio and the video.

I found the video link and Tweeted it, but only a half-hour later did I realize there was more to the blog post.  The cross in the video was used as an (almost) interactive element in the church lobby.

C4 Church - Gospel Video Cross

(Click the image to see larger versions of the pictures.)

Chris wrote:

The response was powerful. We had people on both days give their lives to Christ. God used the work of our hands to bring them to a place where they knew they needed to do exactly what this video talks about – repent, believe, confess.

We also installed the cross from the video in our lobby and watching people interact with this piece was pretty awesome. It was very visible and commanded everyone’s attention as soon as they walked in the front doors.

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