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April 3, 2013

Wednesday Link List

Not new, but too good just to link; you have to watch this…

  • Edith Shaeffer, wife of the late Christian philosopher Francis Shaeffer, has died at age 98
  • A member of The Church on the Way in Valencia,CA — and grandson of Jack Hayford, the church’s founder — is now back home uninjured after being kidnapped last week in Mexico.
  • Singer Carrie Underwood and NHL hockey player Mike Fisher discuss their shared faith in Jesus.
  • Know the song “‘Tis a Gift To Be Simple”?  Terry Mattingly says that definitely applies to the new Pope.
  • Yes the Easter story really happened in a real place, and if you want, you can even get the GPS coordinates.
  • And did they play that “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s a-Coming” video at your church this week? Here’s the text for all you aspiring preachers to give it your best shot.
  • And don’t miss this story about church pyrotechnics gone awry. This could have ended very badly.
  • Also at Parchment Pen: Did the author of the Gospel of Mark sleep in the nude?  The public wants to know.
  • Sandy Patti is headlining at Carnegie Hall with the Manhattan Pops Orchestra and the pianist formerly (and still) known simply as Dino.
  • For 32 years, Rick Warren said ‘no’ to the idea of doing a radio show. But then a year ago
  • A friend of ours, Rick Webster, pastor of The Third Space church in Peterborough has written Introducing Jesus — but he doesn’t use the word pastor, preferring Spiritual Wilderness Guide and Community Architect. We don’t normally do this here, but you can order the book online
  • From the artist who brought us the Reimagine song, a cover of Larry Norman’s UFO song.
  • Canadian author and blogger Sheila Wray-Gregoire says that if you are concerned for someone, you need to ask yourself three questions before you say anything.
  • Another Elevation Church high-tech year end summary. Does your church’s annual report look like this?
  • Maybe some cartoonists can illustrate complex issues, but Dave Walker finds himself somewhat lost for ideas in Uganda
  • Okay, Doug Wilson, curiosity was killing me when you wrote Good Friday and the Death of Same Sex Envy. (And then he also discusses pattern recognition, too.)
  • Shauna Niequist is the wife of a Christian musician and daughter of a world famous pastor. And a published author.  But she still deals with jealousy.
  • Money Where Your Mouth Is Department: Michael Kelley offers us two things we can learn from the Veronica Mars movie campaign on Kickstarter.
  • How about another 30-or-so links, all on the subject of apologetics? And don’t miss the first comment. 
  • Blog flashback — one year ago: James MacDonald’s holiness test.
  • The latest addition to our “lost song” collection at YouTube is this original version of God and Man at Table by Craig Smith. 
  • And I didn’t realize until today how much this song and this song sound alike. Guess some classic gospel music or CCM just flies under the copyright radar.

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April 23, 2010

Surfing the Christianity/Faith Blogs

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I thought it might be helpful to elaborate about the dozen or so links that appear in the blogroll here under the category “links.”

The ALLTOP links take you to the three related pages directly.   Church and Christianity have a great deal of overlap, while Religion is a grab bag of bloggers of various faiths, including some Christian blogs not listed in the other two categories.

The TRAKKRZ links are somewhat based on the Alltop bloggers and actually aren’t working as I type this.

Some of the other ones linked there are self explanatory.   The first one ever to appear there, SITES UNSEEN is sadly in need of an overhaul, and still refuses to list this blog after many e-mails and many promises.

It’s the WORDPRESS links I want to discuss.   The thing I like about these is the opportunity to interact with blogs just seconds after something has been posted.    If you click on the Christianity link, you’ll see all the posts in recent minutes (or hours as you scroll back) from Christian blogs.

But you can also type the word Christianity into the search field.   It will give you blogs that have simply used the word from a variety of perspectives.   However the first screen you see that way is somewhat useless, you want to click on the link that says “Show the most recent.”  (WordPress distinguishes between relevant and recent in all its searches.)

Now you’re cooking!   You’ll see every WordPress blog that is using the word Christianity.    Read the screen.   Now refresh the page.   Chances are that in the minute it took you to scan the screen, a number of other bloggers posted.

It’s mind-boggling (or should that be mind-blogging?) how many words, sentences and paragraphs are being committed to the blogosphere every second.   Is that a good thing? You can click further back to see other pages, but remember that after many minutes what you knew as page one, may now be page four or page seven, or whatever.

You can also pursue different words:  faith, God, Jesus, religion, doctrine; or you can get a lot more specific than that.   I just typed Arminian and there have only been four posts today as opposed to 20 for Calvinist, including a few where the bloggers are already on the next day’s dating.   Then again Wesleyans and Pentecostals don’t blog as much as their Reformed counterparts.   (As an added feature, WordPress will tell you its most active tags overall; just now it was Music, followed by News, Politics and Life.)

Remember that the links I’ve posted will only give results for blog which have a general theme overview.    For a specific word, you need to type it in AND click on “Show the Most Recent.”   (I forgot two days ago and got caught up in a September, 2009 discussion, posting a comment that probably no one will ever see.)

It’s also a great way to interact with people who are hostile to Christianity, since they’ll be using the word in their post.   It’s a good idea to read back through a blog’s history before you think about leaving comments.

WordPress needs to lose the “most relevant” criteria.   Blogging is all about interacting with issues in something close to real time, and being directed to September, 2009 posts just isn’t helpful no matter how good they were.

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