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December 18, 2013

Wednesday Link List

Church Stage Design Ideas - Harvest Chapel Christian Fellowship

One week to the big day, here is a mix of both seasonal and regular links. It’s exciting to think how many people get saved each week just reading these story teasers.Click anything below to read the list at Out of Ur, a blog of Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal

Upper Photo: From the blog Church Stage Design Ideas, a picture of Harvest Chapel Christian Fellowship in Bradenton, Florida. Click here for more.

Lower Photo: Unnamed church at a related website, uses a technique called Environmental Projection. Click here for more.

Environmental Projection from VisualWorshiper dot com

December 27, 2012

Last Chance Christmas Songs

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Okay, so it’s the 27th already, and the cool thing to do now is to pack up Christmas and move on, but before we leave it entirely, we want to draw attention to the audio advent calendar our friends at Third Space Church in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada produced, with a song (or something) for every day from December 1 to 25. (Well, they just embedded some videos; so maybe ‘produced’ is misleading…)

If you’re arriving here anytime after December 2012, you’ll have to hunt through their blog for posts in that month using the tag “online advent calendar,” for everyone else a simple click will work.

November 21, 2012

Wednesday Link List

Try to have your link suggestions in by 8:00 PM EST Monday.

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