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December 22, 2018

Christmas: The Local Church’s Big Finish

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Tomorrow kicks off about 48 hours to which pastors and music directors have been preparing and looking forward to for many months. Services on Christmas Sunday and Christmas Eve (and in some traditions, Christmas Day) mark an occasion when instrumentalists and vocalists shine, and pastors have the opportunity to speak (even if briefly) to a crowd including relatives and visitors they might never again get to reach.

The picture above is what it looked like last week at the front of our church. A few extra touches to remind us that it’s a time of celebration. God has entered our story. The Christ child has been born.

The picture below is one I had to share with you. Drew Dyck (who’d want me to mention that he’s the author of the new Moody Press release, Your Future Self Will Thank You) posted this picture on Twitter of his daughter, whose name is Mary, playing Mary. (He calls it typecasting.) There will be lots of scenes like this over the next few days.


December 11, 2013

Wednesday Link List


Once again, it’s time to hit the links: You can catch this week’s list at its home at Out of Ur, a blog of Leadership Today magazine.  Click anything below:

 Story of Jesus SUV

December 10, 2010

Enjoying Christmas Without Missing the Point

Regular readers here at Thinking Out Loud will notice something different today.   One of this blog’s distinctives has been not relying on video embeds for daily post content.   But the one I’m embedding today is somewhat special.

It’s not the musical quality, or the recording quality; it’s just my wife and I with some extra time on Wednesday, and a desire to share with my blog audience a song I’ve been singing somewhere every Christmas for a rather long number of years.

There’s something about being “home for Christmas;” something about the fact the pace of life slows down for a day or two.   No wonder that it’s so difficult for people who are alone on December 25th; being with friends or family seems to define the day.    (Which is why people where I live are reviving the annual “Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day” for people who don’t have close family, or can’t afford all the trimmings of the season.)

We didn’t have time to do this up as professionally as we might have, but I hope you’ll kick back and enjoy the song and its ideas.   Most of the technical work was that of my wife, Ruth; who, on some of this, was learning on the fly.   If we could ever cut loose from our individual projects, we could be the Christian version of Pomplamouse!

Most important, I hope you’ll reconnect with the thought that the familiar “birth of Christ” narrative in Luke is the start of much, much longer story.   One that continues into eternity.

Canadian readers:  Don’t forget you can still contribute to our Salvation Army iKettle.   Donations stay with your community.   More details here; or go direct to our iKettle.

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