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March 13, 2016

Christian Community: Priceless!

Christian College Student Discussion

Last night we sat down for an hour and ate our supper with a handful of students at Tyndale College and Seminary students. Highlight of my week. I’d pay the student tuition fees just for moments like that.

There is something about Christian community that is simply unmatched by any other type of real world social experiences. Though we clearly were coming from a variety of doctrinal and denominational perspectives, the mood celebratory and not condemnatory.

I was able to fill in a few historical information points, but I was also the learner; impressed with their attitude and desire to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in wherever their lives take them.

It was reminiscent of another type of meal around a table; the fellowship we enjoy when serving as volunteers at a Christian summer camp. The evening conversations while playing table games also rank among my life highlights.

Maybe I’m just a social person. Or maybe it’s having greater proximity to the energy and optimism of youth. (My daytime ministry demographic tends to skew older, though there are refreshing exceptions some days.)

And then, as we’re leaving, my son’s comment, “Dad, I think you fit in here more than I do.” Yes, the echoes from my own mind of the life that might have been, had I pursued formal theological education.

For a moment anyway, a chance to be all there. To forget that I was just a guest taking advantage of my son’s meal credits in the cafeteria and pretend that I was a student or — let’s stretch things a bit — maybe an adjunct professor.

photo: Abilene Christian University

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