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January 1, 2014

Return of the Flight Fantasy

We ran this here a few years ago — more than once — and now that I have more realistic expectations when it comes to getting a huge volume of comments, I want to repeat it anyway, even if you only give it some thought without replying…

? Of the Week:

airline-seatsYou’re on a four-hour flight, up for conversation and you think the person in the next seat is also. You turn and find yourself sitting next to ________________!

What person in the “Christian world” would you most like to find yourself sitting next to for that flight? You can name up to three

  1. .
  2. .
  3. .

or just name one. But let us know some reasons, and if we don’t know this person, explain who they are.

And yes, I know it would be more productive if you were sitting next to a stranger who simply needed to hear about Jesus from you, but we’ll take that as a given, okay?

February 11, 2012

It Never Rains (Money) In Southern California

From The co-founder, chairman and president of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the world's largest Christian television network, lives here with his wife Jan. The network has grown to 47 satellite stations and 12,500 affiliates, reaching nearly 100,000,000 households globally. They also own the property next door that is also featured on this site.

Apparently when the Orange County Register isn’t following the Crystal Cathedral story, they’ve got to keep their eye on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, aka TBN.

Paul Crouch Sr., Founder of TBN

The granddaughter of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Paul and Jan Crouch has accused the world’s largest Christian broadcaster of unlawfully distributing charitable assets worth more than $50 million to the company’s directors.

The charges are leveled in a federal lawsuit filed by Crouch granddaughter Brittany Koper (far left) last week against her former lawyers, who also do legal work for TBN.

“Observers have often wondered how the Crouches can afford multiple mansions on both coasts, a $50 million jet and chauffeurs,” said Tymothy MacLeod, Koper’s attorney. “And finally, with the CFO coming forward, we have answers to those questions.”

…continue reading at Orange County Register, or catch the Reader’s Digest condensed version at Bene Diction Blogs On.

Isaiah 56: 9b-11 (The Message)

For Israel’s watchmen are blind, the whole lot of them.
They have no idea what’s going on.
They’re dogs without sense enough to bark,
lazy dogs, dreaming in the sun—
But hungry dogs, they do know how to eat,
voracious dogs, with never enough.
And these are Israel’s shepherds!
They know nothing, understand nothing.
They all look after themselves,
grabbing whatever’s not nailed down.

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