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January 6, 2011

David Mainse Calls ALL Bloggers Liars

The following is a copy of a letter sent to Crossroads Christian Communications in reference to this interview David Mainse, founder of Crossroads Christian Communications (producers of Canada’s national daily Christian talk show, 100 Huntley Street) did with Jim Cantelon on January 3rd.

At the 10:48 mark (approx.) David refers to all blogs as “lies” and thereby calls me a liar in the process.

“You get on the blogs and the blogs are always lies.   Half truths are lies.    One of the reasons that gossip, backbiting, is in the same list in scripture as murder and adultery, of evils that have attached themselves to the human race, is because if you don’t have all the facts —  this is why you have editorial controls. [wanders off topic]  …But, there are checks and balances. That’s what an editorial board is in a newspaper.  Checks and balances. But on the blogs — I treat a blog just like I treat the rags that are on the check-out counter at the grocery store.  I don’t read them.  I refuse to read them. They are half truths. They have not been well researched. They have no editorial control. There’s no checks or balances on these so they are not reliable.   So I give the other side of the story. [returns to larger topic]”

We’re going to check with our lawyer on this one… There are some fine, upstanding people of integrity writing Christian blogs including MOST pastors.  Pastors who support Crossroads.  Pastors who are on the follow-up list for 100 Huntley Street.  Pastors David and Norma Jean have met with and dined with and interviewed as guests on 100 Huntley.  They have all been dismissed here without exception.  “The blogs are always lies.”  There is no way that anyone who has been on television as long as David Mainse would call someone a liar unless that was his full intention.  He did not leave room for any other possibilities.   It was a blanket statement, not a generalization.

I then provided a list of the posts I wrote about the relationship between David’s sons, and the man who conned them and others out of $14.1M last year and prior; and asked them to identify the “lies” contained therein.

A much longer piece about this, including a video embed of Mainse’s comments, and a fuller transcript of the interview, may be found at the blog to which we handed off this story, Bene Diction Blogs On. Bene, as he is known, stuck to the facts to such a degree that his articles were somewhat, if you don’t mind me saying so, boring. He was simply trying to assemble, as you lay out evidence on a very large table, a clear picture of what actually happened. We are very grateful for the efforts of Bene and affiliate writer Rick Hiebert for bringing the facts on breaking Christian news stories to the surface.


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