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March 30, 2014

Substance Consistently

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Christian Blog Connection

Here are a few of my favorite go-to Christian websites/blogs when I’m looking for something solid to read, in no particular order. If my computer tech guy said I had to reduce the eight hundred or so bookmarks in my computer to a smaller list, these would be on it:

  • David Murray, Head Heart Hand — The author of Jesus on Every Page always has something I want to read.
  • Karl Vaters, New Small Church — A niche blog to be sure, but always interesting content regardless of your church size.
  • Michael Patton et al, Parchment and Pen — Always deep but never boring; I’ve been a reader since long before I started my own blog.
  • The late Michael Spencer, Chaplain Mike, Daniel Jepsen, Mike Bell, Internet Monk — Probably on your list, too; the conscience of the Christian blogosphere.
  • Greg Boyd, ReKnew — In the deep recesses of our car trunk are dozens of sermon download discs on the book of Luke from Woodland Hills church; we’re long-term fans.
  • Phil Vischer, Phil Vischer — Oh my! 95 Podcasts and I’ve never missed one. Maybe I need to get a life. The end of Western civilization as we know it.
  • Nadia Bolz-Weber, The Sarcastic Lutheran — As with Phil (above) I don’t think we’ve ever missed a sermon, but easier in this case, since they run 10-12 minutes.
  • Jamie Wright, The Very Worst Missionary — Jamie elevated mediocrity to an art form; she is definitely a work in progress and that’s what I love about the blog.
  • Russell D. Moore, Moore to the Point — Yes, I read Boyd, Bolz-Weber and Wright, but I also read “Dr. Moore” on faith and ethics, now also a weekly podcast.
  • Clark Bunch, The Master’s Table — I consider Clark an online friend and we’ve written posts for each other in the past.
  • Diane Lindstrom, Overflow — This one has more of a women’s vibe, but Diane is another Canadian writer who writes consistently and writes well.
  • anonymous, Church Curmudgeon — The blog that doesn’t exist, but should. My favorite Twitter feed is both insightful and hilarious, all at the same time.
  • Stephen & Brooksyne Weber, Daily Encouragement — In a category all its own, my day usually begins with this devotional blog from the heart of Amish country.

That’s where I am at today. This list is radically different from what I would have written a year ago. I appreciate the different people who speak into my life. Apologies to those of you who aren’t listed here; some of you need to post more often. 

Update: Okay, I know, I forgot Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed.

Feel free to nominate your favorite in the comments!

March 6, 2012

Us, As Seen By Them

When the broader world looks at Christianity, they don’t see the distinctions that to us are so obvious: Evangelicals, Reformers, Pentecostals, Mainline Protestant. They may not even make an absolution distinction as to Christian versus religious.

Media reports on what we call ‘church life’ are usually hampered by a lack of familiarity with the subject matter or a misapplication of the right terminology.

Still, if all your understanding of what’s going on in the capital ‘C’ Church comes from Christian media itself — Christian periodicals, the Christian blogosphere, Christian television, things your pastor says in sermons — then you really don’t get to see (a) how it all fits together in the context of the broader world, and (b) how that broader world perceives us.  

So most of my time online is spent in a mixture of the Christian blogosphere, and coverage of ‘religious’ stories in the mainstream media.  (That, and Pretty Good Solitaire, containing over 400 variants on the game, but not sophisticated enough for my sons, who wish I would play role play and strategy games.)

Therefore, because Saturday’s sermon link list was such a hit — though most of the comments came off the blog — I’m today sharing another part of my personal internet bookmarks, the part dealing with news sources.

USAToday Religion — One of the first media outlets to give increased online profile to faith based stories. Should be read in tandem with reporter Cathy Lynn Grossman’s Faith and Reason blog.

FaithWorld — The religion page of news gathering agency Reuters International. Basically, this is often where your local newspapers get their stories.

Christian Post — While there’s a U.S. edition page, the one linked here is your best source for stories from outside North America, or even ‘western’ countries.

Christian Today — The UK’s online Christian newsmagazine. 

Christianity Today — The popular American Christian magazine founded by Billy Graham also has a number of other publications including Leadership Journal.

World — Covering more than just religious-interest stories, but frequently employed as a reliable news source by Christian publications and bloggers.

Get Religion — A blog which exists to critique and clarify the secular press’ handling of religious news.

Christian Newswire — You just get headlines, and then link for the stories; this is often what is referred to as an aggregator.

Religious News Service — Strongly U.S.-oriented; like many such sites, currently overrun with the religious aspects of the forthcoming Presidential election.

Holy Post — A faith news and opinion page from The National Post, one of Canada’s two national newspapers.

Christian Week — Canada’s national Christian newspaper. I try to include a few of their stories each month in the Wednesday link lists here.

CNN Belief Blog — A mix of stories and opinion pieces. Don’t even bother trying to read the comments on the various stories because all their readers go off-topic from the minute a new item is posted.

On Faith — The religious news section of The Washington Post. Many large city newspapers are adding coverage of faith stories.

Belief — Similar to the one above, this one is based at the Houston Chronicle. 

Do you have a source for news you’d like to share?  Feel free to add a comment. 

Also, I should add that these are the “dry and boring” news sources; there are others that specialize in faith-based news stories related to family, finance, politics, entertainment, environment, persecuted church, Christian education, etc.

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