Thinking Out Loud

January 1, 2014

Return of the Flight Fantasy

We ran this here a few years ago — more than once — and now that I have more realistic expectations when it comes to getting a huge volume of comments, I want to repeat it anyway, even if you only give it some thought without replying…

? Of the Week:

airline-seatsYou’re on a four-hour flight, up for conversation and you think the person in the next seat is also. You turn and find yourself sitting next to ________________!

What person in the “Christian world” would you most like to find yourself sitting next to for that flight? You can name up to three

  1. .
  2. .
  3. .

or just name one. But let us know some reasons, and if we don’t know this person, explain who they are.

And yes, I know it would be more productive if you were sitting next to a stranger who simply needed to hear about Jesus from you, but we’ll take that as a given, okay?


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