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October 23, 2013

Wednesday Link List

Life is Like a Moving Sidewalk

Not many weird religious news stories this week; try to do something stupid over the next few days, okay?  This is a link list without links. To see them click over to Out of Ur. As for the above graphic, you need to listen to Phil Vischer Podcast

  • According to a CNN story, the head of Christian Copyright Licensing Inc. claims that Chris Tomlin is the most prolific songwriter in the United States right now.
  • Personally, I thought my alternative ending to John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference would have been an interesting touch…
  • …but of course, truth is always stranger than fiction.  While I first read about Mark Driscoll crashing the party, I’d not heard James MacDonald’s name mentioned until this.
  • Two pieces on the subject of porn: Eric Simmons at Desiring God with I Hate Porn, and Tim Challies offering some preventative measures with The Porn-Free Family.
  • Did you see marathon swimmer Diana Nyad talking to Oprah? Is it possible to be an atheist and still be “in awe?”
  • Short Essay of the Week: What if modern technology permitted Biblical education to take place individually, and the place we gather weekly was for interaction, coaching, personal support and prayer? Be sure to read David Morrow’s The Flipped Church.
  • Medium Essay of the Week: Dancing as “keeping in step with the Spirit;” a metaphor for a life of faith, unless of course you believe that, “the praying knee can’t belong to a dancing leg.”
  • A Minnesota Pastor takes 20% of the revenue from a land deal and creates entrepreneurial opportunities for young people. Read the original CT article and this response (with video).
  • Most Provocative Title: From Catholic writer Tony Agnesi, are you Living Your Resumé or Your Eulogy?
  • Starting Over: For Jon Acuff, this particular blog represents Day Zero.
  • Academic Article of the Week: We all know what the gospel is, but if you’re studying alternative texts, what exactly is a gospel?
  • …and aggregate the Tweets of some well-known Christian academics, and you might find yourself reading Bible Gateway Bible Profs News.
  • Kid Min Corner: Unlike many children’s DVD series, Phil Vischer didn’t stop at the end of Acts. So what themes from Paul’s letters did he feel were worthy of inclusion in a kids video?
  • Youth Ministry Corner: Apparently some parents would rather just write a check to pay for missions trips, and the kids don’t want to do fundraising, either.
  • Know any Aspies? That’s a term for people with Asperger’s Syndrome; people for whom the church can feel like an alien place.
  • The blog Sliced Soup found this 18-month old guide to Hebrew pronunciation of YHWH, but as it turns out the video channel it’s from is a goldmine of instruction in Ancient Hebrew.
  • What should worship leaders do when the keyboardist who wants to join the team is a classically-trained pianist.
  • Pastors: If that illustration you’re using is actually debunked on, look out! Turns out Millennials like to fact-check sermons.
  • Video(s) of the Week: Two beautiful acapella song covers on YouTube by David Wesley — One Thing Remains and the more recently posted (last week) How Deep the Father’s Love.
  • People You Should Know: Another edition of the Young Influencers List.
  • Charlotte Church is now 27, but she knows the pressure put on young music stars to be hyper-sexualized.
  • Questions about the film’s ending has caused tension for the March, 2014 movie based on the life of Noah.
  • Music Flashback: From our Lost Songs collection, the worship of Calvary Chapel Downey, with the hauntingly beautiful song To be Like You.
  • Denominational stereotypes? Christianity Today answers the question, ‘Why are Google searches so much fun?’
  • Finally, if you’re going to steal stuff from a church, don’t try to flog it at a yard sale only a few streets away.

Link list curator Paul Wilkinson blogs at Christianity 201 and Thinking Out Loud, the latter of which still sports its original look and theme, an actual functioning blogroll that is updated regularly, and a merry-go-round that still operates. (Not that last thing…)

Main branch of the Kansas City Public Library.

Main branch of the Kansas City Public Library.

September 11, 2013

Wednesday Link List

Out of Ur

Catch this week’s links at Out of Ur, the blog of Leadership Journal, a ministry of Christianity Today.

Link and the world links with you; lurk and you lurk alone…

  • A Texas pastor believes the R-rating a small budget film received was intended to limit exposure to its faith-based message.
  • In one of their best articles ever, Justin and Trisha Davis suggest six questions that will transform your marriage.
  • So, if you had to narrow it down, what might make your list of the most influential Christian books of all time?
  • Can you honestly be said to possess a real faith if you keep it to yourself?
  • Barely days into a new school year, and the president of Pat Robertson’s Regent University resigns.
  • Christian publishing’s best known cold case detective suggests that what appears to be radical opposition to Christianity is often only volitional resistance.
  • Veteran touring and recording Christian group Superchic[k] is disbanding.
  • Many of you probably know about this, but if you don’t, provides suggestions for each of book of the Bible of the two best commentaries.
  • Essay of the Week: Any parent who gets a letter like this from their 15-year daughter has much to be thankful for.
  • When a pastor is daydreaming, he’s possibly imagining himself quitting the ministry.
  • A woman who is married to a man who is also same-sex attracted gives us an inside look at their marriage and five things we need to know.
  • Going deep: All of our quirks, mistakes, and, yes, sin, make us the kind of people who wouldn’t enjoy spending eternity with God. We need to go beyond sin management.
  • Rick McKinley reflects on finding the upside when surgery or injury leaves you sidelined for a season.
  • I love it when Adam Young, aka Owl City, posts something like this.
  • He was the pastor of seven churches before becoming a secular humanist. Last month, for the first time, he posted the letter he sent his congregation describing his journey.
  • Your moment of peace for the day: Fernando Ortega singing Jesus, King of Angels.
  • Though he was raised Catholic himself, a blogger responds to a Catholic article attempting to refute the concept of sola scriptura.
  • Blog scoop of the decade: Pastor and author Rob Shepherd brings the third of his exclusive interviews with Jesus.
  • After a feature on NBC news, a blog post by Kim Hall, the Director of Women’s ministry at All Saints Presbyterian in Austin, Texas went viral. The topic? Girls who take suggestive selfies and boys who can’t un-see them.
  • In Cape Town, South Africa, a meeting called Underground Church is similar to David Platt’s Secret Church, only on a different scale.
  • Future flash-forward: I love reading about next generation people driven to use media to impact their world, like this Kickstarter project for the movie Heart of Faith.
  • Four kids. One big store. One hour. A big dog. The kids are each allowed to choose one thing. What do you think they will select?
  • My primary source for online Bible reading is BibleGateway.Com which is also related to Christianity Today somehow, so I don’t want to bite the proverbial hand. But if your look-ups are impaired by a bad memory, BlueLetterBible.Org has a secondary search that lets you get 3 out of 5 words wrong and still find the verse (maybe) and BibleServer.Com is great for foreign language searches.
  • On my own blog this week: Looking at some similarities between two megachurch pastors from two different eras.
  • And finally, how did we miss this July 1st press release: “A new research project at Oxford will examine whether animals benefit or suffer thanks to religion.” I know that for me, “animal-friendly” is what I’m looking for in a belief system.

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