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September 27, 2012

Microblogging Again – Material for your Facebook Page

First, from your friends at Dayspring Cards:

Or if you want to evangelize your mostly non-churched Facebook friends:

Or encourage mostly Christian Facebook friends:

Or this one actually found on a Facebook page:

If the label is a clue, this Aeropostale t-shirt parody is by Kerusso:

For Christian seniors who can never find a graphic for their blog:

And then from Absolutely In Love With Him:

And finally, for those of you who prefer to put substance over style on your Facebook page, this one from Sabrina:

Decision Making Principles for the Christian

Before you decide, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is it Biblical?
  2. Would Jesus do it?
  3. Will it bring glory to God?
  4. Can it be done in the name of the Lord Jesus?
  5. Is it coming from selfish or unselfish motives?
  6. Have I prayed seriously about it?
  7. Is it a righteous use of my time?
  8. Do I have any doubts about this?
  9. Will this cause anyone to stumble?
  10. Will it cause me or anyone else to think about anything that is not pure, lovely and excellent?
  11. Does it appear or “seem” to be evil?
  12. Will it cause you to have anything to do with evil things?
  13. Is it constructive and beneficial?
  14. Is it seeking your good or that of others?
  15. Is it a first priority matter for me as a Christian?
  16. How will it effect the lost?
  17. Does it help unbelievers understand about God and the Gospel?
  18. Is this upbuilding to fellow Christians?
  19. Am I doing the good that I know to do?
  20. Is there a substitute for this that is better?
  21. Have I examined all of the possibilities?
  22. Have I sough the counsel of wise men?
  23. Will it build unity in my family and the Church?
  24. How will this effect myself, and my family in the future?
  25. Will I be glad about this tomorrow or in the future?
  26. Where will this possibly lead? Do I want to go there?
  27. Does it hinder my doing the things God commanded or nullify His Word?

Joe Brumfield, 1995 X

Okay, I know I said ‘finally’ but then as I was putting this to bed, I found this at this week’s Happy Monday at Master’s Table:

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