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May 7, 2010

Tell Mother You Love Her – With Eggs

This year, why say it with flowers when you can say it with eggs?   The day after tomorrow is “Mother’s Day” in North America.  (Sorry, I’m not sure when “Mothering Sunday” is in the UK.)

The graphic at left is the front page of a grocery store flyer that arrived in our newspaper Thursday night.   There’s even a promise of more equally great Mother’s Day suggestions inside.

Say it with eggs.

It’s not a horrible idea when you think about it.   Eggs are what distinguish females from males.   Eggs are where it all begins when it comes to someone becoming a mother.

It’s also a practical, inexpensive gift.   Every child can afford to give this gift and every mother — with a few allergy exceptions — can enjoy receiving them.  (These are large premium eggs, in a box of 18.)

It’s also a great way for a retail food store to say, “Hey, we have chocolates and flowers and greeting cards, too; but we think this gift suggestion is the one worth putting on the front page of our advertising piece.”

If you agree, remember to keep your eggs gift-wrapped (so it will be a surprise) but refrigerated (so they don’t go bad.)   This could get tricky.

For everyone else, your local Christian bookstore is filled with a number of inspirational gift books for women in general and mothers specifically.  Or you can’t go wrong with an inspirational novel.   (If you want to go all out, I’d recommend the NLT Sanctuary Devotional Bible for Women.)

(There…you see?  With the last paragraph I kept this post “on focus” vis-a-vis this blog’s overarching theme.)

Note:  This piece was written in good fun and I don’t need to be reminded of the patriarchal nature of my remarks re. eggs.

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