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April 23, 2009

Driving Against The Clock

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whatever-nexxt-clockFor some reason, it seems that every time we get in the car to go somewhere we are in a hurry.    The digital clock on the dashboard is a reminder that in order to get where we need to be on time, we really need to push it.   We call this situation, “Driving against the clock.”

First of all, I know some of you are thinking, “You need to ‘back-time’ your trips.”  Be assured, I am the master of back-timing.   I lay in bed at 4:00 AM thinking of what events need to take place before we leave and set the target departure time accordingly.

But then some of you are thinking, “In addition to ‘back-timing’ it, you need to also add a ‘buffer zone,’ some additional margin for unexpected delays.”  This is also good advice and we do that also.   Frankly, I’d rather arrive relaxed ten minutes early than be rushing in late.

Of course, some of you will say, “In addition to ‘back-time’ and ‘buffer zone,’ you need to analyze what throws you off your targets.   Are the events you need to do before you leave given sufficient time?   Should you set a larger buffer margin?”   These are good questions, perhaps you should go into the time management business.   Trust me, I’ve done the analysis and the problem is always something different every time.

Finally, some of you will dissect my original statement and say, “Obviously the problem is that you are driving against the clock; you need to let your wife drive and be free of the responsibility and pressure that comes with being the driver.”   While my wife will agree with this, and whereas it sounds good in theory; in practice I am a more restless and impatient passenger than I am a restless and impatient driver.   Being the driver at least keeps my hands and eyes busy.

Some day perhaps, I will ask God a question.   I’ll set it up by mentioning that in American football (for you Brits, it’s the one we play with a rugby-shaped ball) there are 50 yards on either side of the field.   In Canadian football there is an extra ten yards due to a “Center yard line;” though it’s probably spelled “Centre yard line.”   So my question would be, “Why couldn’t there have been a center-hour; midway through the day, that was neither morning nor afternoon, but a middle hour just for people like me to catch up?

At that point, He will probably look around and ask if anyone else has any questions.

So what have we learned today?   At the end of the day, we’re rarely late for anything.   That’s good, I suppose.   We just arrive totally frazzled.

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November 27, 2008

The Noise of Life

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“It is the noise of life. And it never ends. And, if I’m not careful, the noise will keep me from hearing the sounds. You see, sometimes for me—the noise of life drowns out the sounds of life.”

Tim Stevens, who blogs at Leading Smart has written an excellent essay on the noise of life that interferes with the music of life we’re meant to hear.    Consider doing a copy and paste and sending this on to some friends as an e-FWD.

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