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May 10, 2016

The Bible Project: An Overview of the Book of Joshua

Last night I discovered that although we very briefly alluded to The Bible Project in one of the link lists, we haven’t really said much about it. So today, we solve the problem by giving you a sample of what it’s all about. A video is worth a thousand words, right?

The Bible Project is the work of Dr. Timothy Mackie. You can learn more about him by listening to an episode of the Deconstructionists Podcast as well as at or by going to directly to (or subscribing to) their YouTube channel.

So without further introduction here’s a look at Joshua. (We’re also posting Joel later today at Christianity 201.) If you’re like me, you’ll wish this type of resource had existed a long, long time ago. New videos are being uploaded rapidly, so stay tuned.



June 15, 2012

Discovering a Bible Study Goldmine

Yesterday at Daily Encouragement, Stephen and Brooksyne Weber mentioned a Bible study resource that they use to prepare their daily devotional.  Precept Austin online Bible commentary study guide that is basically a collection of material from many, many commentaries.

As the name suggests, it’s helpful for use with — but not directly affiliated with — the Precept Ministries’ approach to Bible study, popularized by Kay Arthur’s inductive Bible study method and International Inductive Study Bible.  Both her Bible and this site use NASB as the base text, which is a reasonable choice for something of this nature.  But you don’t have to be familiar with that particular methodology in order to appreciate the hours that went into creating this, and the potential value to clergy (pastors) and laity (that’s you) alike.

My suggestion on how to get your feet wet with this resource: Click over the home page, and then under options select a Bible book and then a particular verse which is of interest.

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