Thinking Out Loud

November 19, 2012

New Bible for an Online Generation

Quick, hands up everyone who knows what an infographic is?

In an age of decreasing literacy,  bullet point communications and 140-character tweets, a new generation of readers has emerged who want cut-to-the-chase study notes which entice through the use of diagrams and color. If you read blogs to any degree, you’ve encountered the world of infographics.  (We ran some most recently here and here.)

But an infographic Bible?

Well, not exactly. The text in the NIV Quickview Bible is left entirely intact, and set in a very clear sans-serif typeface that Zondervan has, I believe, heretofore only used on its Textbook Edition.  I’m always somewhat cynical about the marketing of some of these new variations on Bibles, but this one drew me in very quickly.

Who is it for? The publishers are careful not to restrict potential here. Definitely students, teens, tweens, twenty-somethings. But really anyone, especially those tech-savvy people who are familiar with this format. The same people who enjoy the Rose Publications pamphlets which distill information to essential facts. It’s definitely not an application, study or devotional Bible; just a text edition with some added features that I believe will pique the interest of people looking superficially at the text and cause them to want to dig a little deeper.

NIV Quickview is currently available only in hardcover, and it would make a great edition to purchase in classroom sets for the church, or for homeschooling, or as a gift for a student away at at college. Click the image below to learn more in a one-minute video.

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