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July 19, 2012

Christian Clichés to Avoid

For three days a week ago, Christian Piatt (pictured at right) looked at oft-used Christian clichés.  While we were tempted to reblog the whole thing here, we thought we’d provide you with the links, but also list the words and phrases that Christian identified. He came up with 29. Why there was one short in the last list is never explained. Maybe you can leave a comment and help him come up with #30. (Or more.)

Read article one in the series here: Ten Cliches Christians Should Never Use

Read article two in the series here: Ten More Cliches Christians Should Avoid

Read article three in the series here: Nine (Final) Christian Cliches to Avoid

List one:

  • Everything happens for a reason
  • If you died today, do you know where you’d spend the rest of eternity?
  • He/she is in a better place
  • Can I share a little bit about my faith with you?
  • You should come to church with me on Sunday
  • Have you asked Jesus into your heart?
  • Do you accept Jesus as your personal lord and savior?
  • This could be the end of days
  • Jesus died for your sins
  • Will all our visitors please stand?

List two:

  • Love the sinner, hate the sin
  • The Bible clearly says
  • God needed another angel in heaven, so He called him/her home
  • Are you saved?
  • The Lord never gives someone more than they can handle
  • America was founded as a Christian nation
  • The Bible says it; I believe it; that settles it
  • It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve
  • Jesus was a Democrat/Republican
  • (Insert sin here) is an abomination in the eyes of God

List three:

  • Christianity is the only way to God/Heaven
  • When God closes a door, He opens a window
  • God helps those who help themselves
  • Perhaps God is (causing something negative) to get your attention/It is God’s way of telling you it is time for (fill in the blank)
  • There, but for the grace of God, go I
  • If you just have enough faith (fill in the blank) will happen for you
  • I don’t put God in a box
  • (Insert name) is a good, God-fearing Christian.
  • God is in control

Quite the list, huh?  As I copied/pasted each one here, it was all I could do not to include some of the commentary that goes with each.  (And pictures, too!)  Every one of these could make a great discussion subject, and I don’t promise that further down the road, we might steal the entire post for one (or all) of the lists.

But in the meantime, please click and comment at Christian’s blog. (You can leave a comment here if there’s one or two you’d like to see evolve as a separate discussion here at T.O.L.)

Oh, and there’s more, too:

Read Part Four here: Ten Antidotes to Christian Cliches

January 19, 2011

Wednesday Link List

Enjoy this week’s links; there’s ice cream at the end!

  • You Give Me Your Shows and I’ll Give You Mine Department:  Canada’s Christian television network, CTS has put together a reciprocal deal with Robert A. Schuller’s American Life Network to share programming and media platforms.  Currently a limited list of CTS programs are available on the NRB Network.  Read more at BDBO.
  • Tattooed Pastor Department:  Jay Bakker has a new book out, Fall to Grace (Faithwords) which Tony Jones reviews at Take and Read.
  • Read This One For the Gipper Department:  Here’s another book review, this one for The Faith of Ronald Reagan by Mary Beth Brown, reviewed by Darrell Dow.
  • Biting The Hand That Feeds Them Department:  The Feed-a-Friend program in downtown Houston, Texas is now being required to purchase a $17/day permit from the city to carry out its mission of feeding the homeless.  The group is trying to avoid an us-versus-them mentality.
  • Killing Me Softly Department: Dee at Wartburg Watch takes a trip down memory lane profiling a not-yet-published book by Irishman Charlie Boyd, and reminds us of The Jesus Movement, Arthur Blessitt, Larry Norman, The Late Great Planet Earth, the Shepherding Movement, Calvary Chapel, and so many other times and places worth remembering.
  • Big Bang Theory Department:  If your tastes run to quantum physics, Michael Belote’s recent posts at Reboot Christianity might be just what you’re looking for, starting with the most recent, Schrodinger’s Christianity. (This makes a good forward for your science-type friends. Spoiler: Our souls are like quantum particles.)
  • Ministry Copycat Department:  We all know of churches which offer conferences and seminars for pastors to learn how the big guys do it.  The seminars aren’t free; the churches are basically selling their expertise.   Now comes word that one megachurch actually charges a fee just to see the wording of their staff job descriptions. Yikes!
  • Dialing for Doctrine Department: At The Arminian Blog (caption line: Theology in the Dutch Reformed Tradition of Jacob Arminius) comes this article about inconsistencies among Southern Baptist Calvinists when it comes to missions.
  • Glass Houses Department: We all have a public persona and a private persona, but what really goes on behind the closed door of our houses when it’s just us and the fam?  It’s a question worth considering in the light of this homespun article by Trey Morgan listing ten things you’d notice if you were a guest. Not sure why I’m attracted to this article, but after reading it, I feel I’ve already spent time with Lea, Trey and the boys.
  • Church Plant Withers Department:  This is a link to Jamie Arpin-Ricci’s blog, selected because it takes you to all four parts of Jason Coker’s blog where he describes the final days of the Ikon church plant in San Diego.  Or you can also get there from David Fitch’s blog along with much additional analysis. The similarities between Jason’s experience in southern California and my own experience with Transformation Church an hour east of Toronto are rather striking.
  • Authors of Confusion Department: Keith Brenton lists some indicators of bad theology in a December piece I missed earlier, How To Spot False Teaching.
  • Higher Education Department: At my own alma mater, The University of Toronto, a couple of local churches and ministry organizations are lending support to a Jesus Awareness Week. Oh, to be a student again, and be part of the events.
  • Interfaith Dialog Department:  Mark Galli at Christianity Today suggests that step one in starting the conversation with people of other faiths actually lies in evangelizing ourselves.
  • Truth is Stranger Than Cartoons Department:  We leave this week with two, count ’em two links to the blog American Jesus.  The first is a 40-second mystery video about church pageantry and formality gone wrong.  The second link gets you an explanation for the picture which appears below.  See ya in seven days with more links.

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